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Professional UniformTailoring & Completion Services - Soldat Schneiderei USA

Professional Uniform & Militaria Ageing Service - Soldat Time Machine

 Karl Lehmann u. Sohn Mützenfabrik

Mützenfabrik Cap Rescue Service USA

Soldat Books - Buchhandlung der Soldat FHQ USA

Soldat Collection Sales - Collections of Uniforms & Other Vintage Items USA

CLOSED Insignia by Soldat FHQ - Abzeichenamt der Soldat FHQ

Awards, Documents & Rubber Stamps - Urkundenamt der Soldat FHQ USA

Awards and Decorations - Ordenamt der Soldat FHQ USA

 Where Eagles Dare Props for the Bunker USA

Feldgrau -German Uniform Fabric

    Identity Tags & Books - Erkennungsmarken u. Soldbucher USA

War Art-Posters, Post Cards, Prints, Etc - Kriegkunst der Soldat FHQ

Decorative items for the bunker or office - Bunkerkunst der Soldat FHQ

Personal Items - Stuff der Soldat FHQ  

Items not under Abzeichenamt - Soldat STUFF II (Insignia Items)

The Flying Tigers   A.V.G. 

Soldat Up Front USA

Allied & US WWII - Vietnam Wings & Pins USA

Military Modeler Support Services

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About Soldat FHQ - SOLDAT began in 1987.   Frustrated with the lack of publications dealing with the subject of German Army Combat Uniforms of World War II, I began to search for ways of producing a book that had detailed photos and descriptive text.  The SOLDAT series, as well as other works that have come about are the result of what Carl G. Jung would have called "synchronicity" that is, things coming about because of people, circumstances, and events all occurring at the right place and the right time.  Begun with collectors in mind, SOLDAT books now provides information to reenactors and living historians as well. 

In 1994 I published the first SOLDAT, Volume XI, that focused on helping collectors spot the fakes that had come to fill the market.  This book blew the cover on the massive fraud being perpetuated on collectors of German miliataria.  After years in Germany and extensive contact with European makers and sellers of replicas I had put together and with the rise of the internet in 1996 I opened Soldat FHQ to bring high quality replicas to the collecting community in a totally straight forward way; fairly priced, accurate, and honestly represented.  

Now,  Soldat FHQ continues to change with the times and offer unique services to our customers.  Still providing high-quality replica items Soldat FHQ now enjoys the reputation as one of the premier places for collectors to have their replica uniforms planned, assembled and run through the 'Time-Machine'.  Along with your uniform display Soldat FHQ can also create it's historical background based on nearly 30 years of historical publication as well as over 50 years of collecting and historical research experience.

Many of the items you see on the site pages are no longer available due to the passing of older artists.  These items now reside here for collectors to observer as many of these creations now live on as "100% Original" passed from hand to hand growing history.   Like my SOLDAT books, these pages are your armor against fraud.  Use them!

  Enjoy SOLDAT & Soldat FHQ     Cyrus A. Lee

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How do I order from Soldat FHQ?! I don't see a shopping cart or place to send my card info! You are right, I never got to that automated stage as what is in stock and out changes all the time, not to mention so much of what FHQ does is custom work.  What do you do, just shoot me an email with your questions.  I check mail on a regular basis so I should get back to you in short order, sometimes you get trapped in a Spam filter and I may miss you for a day or so.  Or try a call at 406-293-9630, but if you get the machine try back later.  I'm a one man shop and I'm in and out all day BUT generally 9-5 Mountain Time Monday - Friday.

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"The veterans tell the stories of their fallen comrades deeds and sacrifices, often owing their own survival to a soldier, now forever missing, who did no more than what his heart told him was right in that moment." SOLDAT Volume I