British Free Corps  


The Adrian Weale approved insignia used in the for TV documentary "The Brits Who Fought For Hitler."

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The approved Britische Armmelschild Waffen SS Muster - Copyright A. Weale. British Free Corps Sleeve Shield $25

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Second Battle Group Soldiers from the production of "The Brits Who Fought For Hitler" wearing Soldat FHQ BFC insignia.

Subject: Re: Impressive.   I'll have to chime in as well with Cyrus's work.  For  years, there have been a number of interpretations of  the "British Free Corps" insignia. I have no less than  three collar tabs, three cuff titles, and two arm  shields, all incorrect. If you want to see what I have, visit:
Cyrus and Adrian Weale worked together to produce the most accurate BFC insignia to date...and in a very
short time from prototype to finished product.  In a hobby were accuracy is key, hats off to Cyrus and Adrian for making authentic BFC reproduction insignia available.     Regards,  Ed, SS-Sturmmann "Wolfram Vollmer", W-SS "BFC"

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British Free Corps Officer or Enlisted Collar Insignia  (approved on the way) $25

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Second Battle Group Soldier wearing Soldat FHQ BFC insignia & Lost Battalions Feldbluse during the filming of "The Brits Who Fought For Hitler."

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British Free Corps Cufftitles - Copyright Adrian Weale.    $25

Like so much of your stuff I can see people selling it as real:  I'm already getting people asking me to authenticate your BFC insignia as the genuine item.  If SoldatFHQ had been operating in the 1940s, German servicemen would have been buying their insignia there."  Adrian Weale UK

Little is known of this group and Abzeichenamt is happy to be in contact with author and historian Adrian Weale who wrote "Renegades: Hitler's Englishmen" to insure that we provide the best replicas produced to date.

Officer or enlisted grade items may not be shown but are available.