The first pattern Gro▀deutschland Cufftitle was authorized in 1939 for use on parade uniforms.  However, this very rare cufftitle was used throughout the war on combat tunics.  The second Pattern Inf. Regt. Gro▀deutschland Cufftitle was authorized in 1940 and was utilized only for a short while as GD expanded beyond a regiment.  This is probably one of the rarest Heer cufftitles ever produced.

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This is SOLDAT FHQ's new third variant of the Gro▀deutschland Cufftitle introduced in Oct. 1940 in the hand embroidered bullion.  Later, in 1944 this same style was produced in thread.  Replicated from a beautiful original, this contains detailing no other replica cuff title displays, collectors be on the look out for this cuff title beginning to show up in the near future!  Either variant is available from Abzeichenamt on correctly sized wool bands for $27.50.

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The final varriant of the Gro▀deutschland Cufftitle was introduced in mid 1944.  Abzeichenamt offers both the issue thread high relief silver gray thread version as well as the private purchase "officer" metal version.  Both are done on correctly sized wool bands for $27.50.

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Gro▀deutschland shoulder boards, Schutzen bis Obergefeiter $25 & Uffz. $30. Available in Artillery, Feldgendarm, Infantry, Pioneer (not shown), & Aufklarung (not shown) on Dark-green fisrt issue uppers with Feldgrau bottoms.  Also available in Infantry on Feldgrau uppers.

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Gro▀deutschland Shoulder Board, Pzraufk. u. Panzer.  Black tops with Feldgrau lowers $25 per pair.

GD Metal Cyphers!

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  GD cyphers in Gold and Silver. $15 a pair! Solid cast, but good looking on top!