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The Gibraltar cufftitle is recognized as the first such insignia distinction designed and presented to honor a German military unit.   Established by order of King George III, this Cufftitle recognized the distinguished service of the soldiers of 3 battalions of Germanic soldiers from Hanover during the siege of Gibraltar which lasted for nearly four years ending in 1783.  The first pattern of this cufftitle was given only to NCOs and enlisted soldiers who chose to reenlist in their units after the battle.  Recreated from period illustrations SOLDAT FHQ is pleased to present this extremely rare piece of German military history.  In beautiful, multi piece construction and high relief embroidery at only $30.

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In 1901 Kaiser Wilhelm ordered the revival of the Gibraltar cufftitle awarding it to all ranks of the new infantry units that were traditionally linked to the soldiers of 1783.  The Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 73, Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 79, & Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 10 all received the following cufftitle.   Shown in enlisted and officer version SOLDAT FHQ is pleased to offer collectors this rare piece of Prussian military history.  Either version is $25.

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