Heersgebirgsjäger Abzeichen

German Army Mountain Troops Insignia


abz_HeerGebOffSlvEdel0001.JPG (65372 bytes)

Copied right off original $27.50

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Heeresbergführer Badges

Here is a sample of unaged and aged Heeresbergführer badges.   Multi piece with Edel made of the same material as our copy of the cap device.  Rivited to rich enamel backing plate.  Correct black lettering in the white enameled band. Limited stock $45.

Heeresgebirgsjäger Edelweiss für Schirmmütz

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Copied from period piece, fits between the wreath and eagle on the front of the Schirmmütz  these correctly finish your dress cap.   $17.50 each officer or enlisted.

abz Heer geb w - t slv edel.jpg (43076 bytes)

Soldat FHQ's standard embroidered sleeve Edel on white and tropical backing, no longer available can special order.

abz Heer geb cap Ts.jpg (17281 bytes)

Heeresgebergsmützabz, gold, silver, or thread embroidery.  $22.50

abz Heer geb metal cap edel.jpg (27940 bytes)

Heeresgebirgjäger Bergmutzabzeichen or Schirmmütz (not shown, but has no stem)  Edels in metal.   Two piece metal cap badge, with holes for sewing on, maker marked.  New manufacture, not post war.  No pins, strictly sew on.  $12.50 

abz Heer geb Gen edels.jpg (19387 bytes)

Heeresgebirgsjäger Edelweiss Armelabzeichen für General - Private purchase general's uniform insignia special order only.

abz Heersgebirg. Nr 1.jpg (129778 bytes)

Heeresbergführer or Mountain Guide a beautiful embroidered version of a very rare badge.  Used by Waffen SS mountain units unitl Oct. 1944. 

Heeresgebirgsjäger Edelweiss Armelabzeichen or Gebirgsjäger sleeve shields in either thread or heavy cord embroidery.  FHQ has a number of varriants of this badge, please ask for your special order.

abz Heersgebirg. Nr 2.jpg (50613 bytes)

Heeresgebirgjäger Bergmutzabzeichen in silver wire for officer or light gray thread for enlisted on dark green (looks black here) and Feldgrau $17.50

abz Heer geb off cap edel.jpg (10790 bytes)abz Heer geb off slev edel.jpg (111066 bytes)

Heeresgebirgjäger Bergmutzabzeichen fur Offiziere  $22.50 each.  These are on dark-green wool, not black as it looks.  Enlisted is same design but in light gray thread. General officer can  be special ordered.