Helferin Insignia


Heer Helferin

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Neu!  Officer Quality Blouse & Cap Blitz Set $30.

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Limited stock - then special order $27.50

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Heer Helferin blouse and cap Bltiz set.  Now available at $27.50 for the set.  FHQ also produced the first of the Heer Helferin cufftitles: Nachrichtenhelferin des Heeres or NH des Heeres (we have two different specs for this cufftitle, one being on yellow and the other on silver gray, ladies choice at $27.50 each!)  Also available is the Heeres-Stabsnachrichtenhelferinnen cufftitle at $27.50.    Add eagle from  Heeres Enlisted Insignia

Krigsmarine Helferin

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High Relief emboridery for senior personnel, $27.50.   Metal wire embroidery can be speical ordered.

SS Helferin

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FHQ's neu and improved SS Helferin bluse insignia taken from original samples, finer detail, $27.50 each piece.  The style shown below the cufftiles is no longer available.

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BeVo cufftitle $27.50

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Reichschule - SS and SS-Helferin cufftitles available for senior and junior rank in SOLDAT FHQ vertical wire or high definition thread $27.50. 

See SS General Insignia for Sleeve & Cap Eagle / TK selection.