1. SS-Panzer Division "Adolf Hitler"  

Updated 25.03.05

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Divisonal or Regimental Officer Abzeichenamt flatwire, Enlisted high relief embroidery, or woven cufftitles $27.50.  Note! We no longer have the old woven style (shown above) left in stock.  These are no longer produced and are shown for collector info only. 14.04.03 CL

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Soldat FHQ produced these woven cufftitles to replace the old version which sold out and is no longer produced.  Woven in a nice silver gray on black, with a very nice silky original feel.  $27.50

Waffen SS Officer or Enlisted Collar Insignia

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SS-Obergruppenführer Josep "Sepp" Dietrich's personal cuff title.  Beautiful golden wire in Abzeichenamt flatwire embroidery. $27.50

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Mann bis Rottenfhr boards $27.50.

LAH Slip-On cyphers $15

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LAH metal NCO & Officer cyphers $15 per pair.

Officer or enlisted grade items may not be shown but are available.