Luftwaffe SS Dienstsgradabzeichen an Bekleidungsstücken ohne Schulterklappen

Luftwaffe Rank Insignia for Camouflage and Special Clothing


Only a few tan and blue left, no green in stock.   Check before you send order!

abz LW Camo rank.jpg (10543 bytes)

abz LW Camo rank 2.jpg (60840 bytes)

Insignia sold in pairs, one for each sleeve:
Unteroffizier  $6, Unterwachtmeister  $8, Feldwebel  $10, Oberfeldwebel $12, Hauptwachtmeister $14, Stabsfeldwebel (special order), Leutnant $8, Oberleutnant   $10, Hauptmann $12, Major $14, Oberstleutnant $16, Oberst $18

"Cyrus,  Just recieved the sleeve insignia.  They look outstanding.  They are getting sewn on my flight gear right away.  I have not seen anyone reproduce these before.  But have only seen originals.  You did a great job with these." Thanks very much, Kevin

"Hello Mr. Lee - Received the Luftwaffe shoulder insignias - marvelous! I've wanted these for ages and you're the first person to offer these (I almost got desperate once and bought originals just to have one, at 10 times the price)!"  Dave Daws

NOTE-For some reason the scan shows the grain of the backing cloth in a greater deal of relief than it looks in normal light.  The color is not correct here either, it is more gray and is on a rayon cloth with more shine too it.  The bar and wings look like felt here, they are not. The wings and bars are the same tightly woven rayon.  I don't know why my scanner reads some things dead on and others not.  These look much better up close and personal.  CL