SS - Freiwilligen - Legion "Norwegen"


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Neu! Both styles of Sleeve Crosses $27.50 each.

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Legion Abzeichenamt flatwire officer or high relief enlisted embroidery each $25

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Waffen SS Officer Runic Collar Insignia Set (Blank not shown) $25

Norwegen Armelwappen, replicated from original examples  $25

Legion Norwegen Officer or Enlisted Collar Insignia Set (Blank not shown), replicated from original examples $25

SALE we made a mistake on ordering and now have a number of wire emboridered Legion Norwegen Officer Collar Sets - our loss your gain!   $15 per set as long as supplies last!

Waffen SS Enlisted Collar Insignia Set (Blank not shown) $15

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All Abziechenamt Waffen SS collar insignia sets are mounted on correct backing and have fine detail edge stitch that is left off the majority of copies.