Waffen SS Shoulder Boards


abz SS VT s-brds.jpg (13998 bytes)

Enlisted VT boards $27.50  Matches FHQ's early SS Eagle, Collar Insignia

Waffen SS Slip On Cyphers

abz SS rgt slip ons.jpg (76714 bytes)

Germania, Deutschland, Der Führer, Nordland, Westland enlisted chainstiched regimental cyphers $17.50 per pair.

Waffen SS Wool Piped Shoulder Boards  

abz SS EM wool brds.jpg (569678 bytes)

Abzeichenamt wool piped shoulder boards.   Top Row: (L-R) Signal, Smoke (Nebelwerfer), Cavalary or Recon,   TK.  Middle Row: Mountain, Armored, Artillery Bottom: Infantry.  The toungue detail for the top and bottom is shown.  All branches available in all ranks.  Not shown but available Engineer, Medical & Field Police.

Mann $22.50, Unterscharfhr $27.50, Scharfhr $27.50, Oberscharfhr $33.50, Hauptscharfhr $39.50, Sturmscharfhr $45.50

Officer or enlisted grade items may not be shown but are available.