SS Fallschirmjäger


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This is fun.  For years a Latin SS Fallschirmjäger cufftitle has been floating about the collecting market, with nothing to back up the existence, including the memories of the vets.  Then a noted historian / collector produces a photo (part of which is shown above), of a Gothic script that refutes the Latin script title which is published in the fine work on cufftitles German Military Cufftitles 1784 - Present by Williamson and McGuirl (buy this book, it is very interesting and stuffed with good info!)

The blending of the traditional LW formation cufftitle lettering onto a SS RZM band is very plausible.  Especially if this was a private purchase cufftitle as the book info suggests. In any case, by popular demand Soldat FHQ has reproduced it in both possible versions, with and without SS runes. 

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Gothic SS Fallschirmjäger cufftitles in either flatwire officer or high relief enlisted $25

But that's not all of it.  In his work Forgotten Legions  Obscure Combat Formations of the Waffen SS Antonio Munoz shows a photo described as "An original SS-Fallschirmjäger cuff band worn on the lower left sleeve.  Photo Dr. Einar Himma" which shows a Latin script cufftitle; but different from those seen previously.  Soldat FHQ will reproduce this one as well, so as to provide both versions for the collector. 

Research available indicates that the SS Men who qualified were issued the Heer Fallschirmabz., at least early on.  This is the same as those Heer soldiers from Brandenburg who qualified in 1944.  Soldat has this award available in High Quality for $20 and can produce the documentation for the award for $15.

Waffen SS Officer or Enlisted Collar Insignia