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Sonder u. Phantasi


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Abz_Son_Spec_Cyco0001.JPG (188122 bytes)

Here is one I did for a buddy's leathers. He did the design by hand & the shop took it from there.

Abz_Son_Spec_Dragpriest0001.JPG (280866 bytes)

Here is a set of samples just done for an indy film producer.  Check the detail work on the tabs!

Abz_Son_Spec_Deathpop0001.JPG (315491 bytes)

Some rock band insigina bound for Scotland!

Spec_SSKamanski0001.JPG (72781 bytes)

Spec_NipponSS0001.JPG (338947 bytes)

Spec_SSBratstyle0001.JPG (273185 bytes)


sonder_ASS132&100001.JPG (312589 bytes)

SS Sonder Insignia to customer foto sample & specs.. $37.50 tab set or cuff title.  No minimum order, put your name or address on a cuff title.

Sonder_Rev Eagles0001.JPG (197939 bytes)

For the General Officer who is serving in the post National Socalist German Army. $22.50 each.

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abz fantasy UKtank.jpg (9690 bytes)

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Abz Phantsy 3.jpg (58903 bytes)

Abz Phantsy Rcross.jpg (31819 bytes)

MC Club patch

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Spaniards who fought till the end with the Waffen SS, very interesting history with even more possibilities talked about but not documented to my knowledge (to include behind the lines action against Western Allies.)  The titles were never officially produced but have been commissioned.

Abz Phantsy headclean.jpg (16422 bytes)

Our latest title done for a UK rocker.  Both bullion at a traditional 45 degree and Soldat FHQ's flatwire.

abz Richardus III Rex.jpg (13253 bytes)

Created for a production of Shakespeare's Richard III these cufftitles helped give the production a very "National Front" feel.    FHQ produced a limited second run of these cufftitles at the request of an educator who want a "hands-on" item for his class.  If you have an item you want made, let us know.  We will work with you to produce even one of the item you want!  Your dreams to reality through SOLDAT FHQ!  Price will depend on work to be done, but these cufftitles were $37.50 for the first and $27.50 for the second.

"I am in the middle of passing out yearbooks (I'm the advisor) or I'd write you an "over the top" congratulatory message on how great the Sonder u. Phantasi "Ricardus III Rex" cuff titles look! You are truly a master! My students will find them a real hoot to see when we do Shakespeare's play each year. Many, many thanks!   I'll take the e.m. title, too. I'll pop a check into the mail for you this afternoon."   Jim Beers

abz fantasy cuff zbv.jpg (23124 bytes)

Soldat FHQ created this special Luftwaffe Ground Attack cufftitle to a veteran's specifications.  The Zur Besondern Verfügung cufftitle was worn by a special duty ME-110 pilot on the Eastern Front.  The absence of the period behind the V is correct to his design.  The title is the standard LW or Heer cuff style on black wool as per request.

abz fantasy cuff 1.jpg (17066 bytes)

Two new fantasy cuffs.  "William Wallace" was done on special commission for a interesting fantasy Waffen SS uniform based on a Scottish Frw. Abt.  "Bytor Slimedog" was, well because the customer wanted it.  We can do any fantasy cufftitle. 

abz fantasy cuff 2.jpg (36738 bytes)

Three new Sonder cufftitles for SS Riding Schools.   Soldat FHQ can do any cufftitle for you. 

Soldat FHQ will be the final judge as to what will be produced.