German Army Enlisted Insignia

abz Heer Schtz bis Obergef.jpg (25660 bytes)

Oberschutz $10 available on black, Feldgrau or dark green.   Gefreiter $15, u Obergefreiter $17.50  Chevrons available in metallic tress on dark green, Feldgrau or black.  In Subdued non metallic tress on Feldgrau, Reed Green HBT & black.

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Gefreiter $17.50 u. Obergefreiter $20 HBT with subdued tress.  HBT is not a stable weave and will unravel quickly, so SOLDAT FHQ has outlined the correct chevron size with a stitched boarder.  You can cut to this edge or, we recommend, fold it under and sew.