Trade and Service Badges

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Our shop can do any trade badge you wish for, just need your specs and money!


"Soldat, I recived the blitz this afternoon, and can only say WOW!, It looks very good, the detail and supreme workmanship is the main thing I like, it  is certainly one fine item.  Again, keep up the fantastic work with Abzeichenamt." Vern Schneider

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Row 1 (L - R): Paymaster Trainee, Fortress Construction Sergeant-Major, Fortress Engineer Sergeant-Major, Motor Transport NCO.  Row 2: Gas Defense NCO, Signal Mechanic, Regimental NCO Saddler, Troop NCO Saddler. Row 3: Administration NCOFortification, Sergeant Major, Clothing Stores, Farrier.   Row 4: Veterinary Personnel, Ordnance NCO, Motor or Armored Mechanic II Class. More Heer Trade patches to come, ask if you don't see what you want.   Row 5: Signals Operator Artillery, Grenadier, Infantry, Gebirg, Pioneer ( any branch available as well as black wool backing.) All Heer Trade Badges $20 each. 

"Cyrus, I wanted to let you know that our Gruppe awarded our senior Funker the position of Nachrichtenmechaniker.  We presented Obergefreiter Kaehler with his specialist patch at our last field event.  The quality of the NM patch is outstanding and the price was very affordable.  On behalf of the 136. Regiment Nachrichtenabteilung (10 phones and switchboard) I would like to say thank you for providing this important detail.  Neil "Franz" Hever"

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Row 1 (L - R) Sanitatiar on Feldgrau backing, Motor or Armored Mech. II on Feldgrau, Antitank Gunlayer or aimer Small Caliber.  Row 2 (L - R) Nebelwerfer gunlayer or aimer, Farrier Instructor, Artillery Gunlayer or aimer, Antitank Gunlayer Larger Caliber.

Waffen SS

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SS Musikschule for Officer $27.50

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Waffen SS Sanitatiar extreme detail in heavy silver gray thread on black wool $27.50

More Waffen SS Trade Badges to come, please request if you have specific needs.


Luftwaffe Sanitatiar in silver gray thread on Feldblau (we are working on getting the Feldblau right at this time) $20

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