Vintage Wings

These wings are a limited production replicas based on Those found in boxes from Ace's old shop.  These replicas are Made in the USA and will take the look of your leathers, shirt or cap back to the post war motorcycle scene!  Ace had served with the US Army Air Corps in the 1930's leaving the service he found himself in california working for hughes Aviation before a side trip to China before the US entered the war.  Following a year of working unofficially with the American Volunteer Group doing mechanical and other duties Ace made his way home and like so many Americans, went to war in europe.   After the war, when he opened his speed & custom shop, his wife Anna encouraged him to sell "jewelry and clothing" and he used some of his military wings to have these made up Just across the border in Tijuana.  Karl Lehmann was anna's Uncle.  A W.W.I German vet and a jeweler Karl sought out a new life in Mexico.  He was happy to help Ace out with these and other themed Jewelry.   The 18k gold and hard nickel plate on these replicas ensure a great look and "damn it" pins let you mount anywhere.

the four styles Mounted on Ace's US Army Air Corps wing.  Your choice $27.50 each

Mounted on Ace's US Army Air Force Wings.  Your choice of Style $27.50

Another Old Skool style of wings as sold at this shop to guys who had other than Harley Davidson bikes.  After the war ace was about getting G.I.'s coming out of service on a bike be it American or european made.  You can wear these to celebrate the U.S.A. or riding in the U.S.A. or made in the U.S.A.  Tell your own story!  German Silver or 18k gold plate $22.50.  Raw, lower set, $20.

Ace's Was an example of the old shops where the focus was about the rider, the local community.  After the AMF days many older riders felt the factory went corporate.  Mom & Pops shops went by the wayside as corporate wanted deep pocket shops run by businessmen.  Some of the Old SKool took to flying the patch upside down in protest.  We are offering a wing with the wing flying right.   The "up the Factory" wing makes the statement it isn't the ride or the rider, it's corporate attitude.  Your choice of wing and shield color plate.  $27.50

Two more plate styles of the U.T.F. wing.  Sorry the photo's fuzzy, the real deal are crisp!

Raw un-plated, less labor & materials means a better deal for you.  Either version $20

Use your imagination to customize to your wings.  These are unskilled examples at Breast Cancer & Irish pride.  You get the idea. 

Ace Would have loved the idea of these wings!

You Are Not Forgotten!  These wings show support for our PoW / MIA.  I'd like to see every Vet Biker wearing one of these by Memorial Day 2014.  I will work with individual clubs to get you these at the best price I can.   All of Ace Murphy's Motorcycle WinGs are made in the USA and are produced and marketed by Vets or Veterans' Family members.

Founding Father Patrick Henry made plain his stand, "Give me liberty or give me death!"  This replica of a Revolutionary War button mounted on these U.S. Air Force wings makes it clear what the biker wearing them thinks.  $27.50

Shop Shirts

Based on embroidered patches from Ace's stash we've put together shop T's.   Front and back screen on heavy weight 50 50 blend T.


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