Professional Uniform & Militaria Vintaging Service

The Time Machine

Soldat FHQ added insignia, stitched vents and then aged these two caps.

  The Time Machine has been running constantly for over ten years. I have been aging items for customers on a regular basis; basically to the point where items shipped from Soldat FHQ are aged as part of the sale, over and over again!

'I thank you You did a great job!  It's sweet! Thanks again!'  Dave


A return customer sent a mint S&M SS 44 Dot set along with his very deteriorated original eagle.  Tailor sewed the eagle is if it was complete to match the run through the Time Machine.  Wear spots, stains, small rips hand sewn by the Soldat all go to make this set look straight out of 1944!

An 'Extra Klasse' cap set just through the Time Machine.

  Colesale_Zahn0001.JPG (214854 bytes)

Here is a set of new in box Ankle Boots and Gamaschen that a customer wanted put through The Time Machine.  He wanted the boots dyed black, not my choice as I think they look great natural leather with heavy work over.   

German Cross in Gold with Document with pilot's foto.   Soldat FHQ did this set for the grandson of this decorated pilot.  The customer was highly pleased with the cased medal & document that were aged for presentation.  The kicker was the custom's official in Berlin checking the items believed that they were authentic & had really been awarded during the war to the pilot. 

Returning customers regularly ask if I can do something to product that came from another vendor "to make it look better".  I have always been happy to do this, I mean why not, guys should be as happy as they can with their stuff.   There is nothing that looks sillier than a bright, new item being used to fill in a collection. 

One of my favorite comments from a customer was that the M43 Eineheitsfeldmutz I aged for him looked more "original" than one his grandfather brought back from the war.

 Vintaged and used to complete a family history project these came from Soldat FHQ document completion services.


Prices are an individual thing depending on what I'm working on.   Believe me some things are harder to fix than others.   Usually the less you spend on something the more you spend to fix it, sometimes you win and sometimes not.  Here is a general break down.  This doesn't include anything but aging process.

Caps $25 to $35,  Tunic $50 to $60, trousers or breeches $35 - 45, awards $5 - $10, flags & banners $10 - $75.

Oberest Bluse & Schrimmütz completed and then vintaged by a trip in the Time Machine.


Getting into the Time Machine is not without risk.  I do not guarantee miracles!  Some things are not possible, but I have made some sow's ears into pretty fair silk purses over the years.