Allied &US WII Wings & Traditions Pins


New!  Reduced Prices!  My pin maker has offered me a great deal on these pins & I'm passing the savings to you!

allied wings40001.JPG (33656 bytes)

New! Single-piece Viet Nam Airborne Wings, Jeep & Glider Rider Pins! $10.00

Allied Wings10001.JPG (137146 bytes)

 British Para, Polish Para (Arnheim Jump), & USAAF Wings $15   Other US Wings available, ask.

Allied Wings20001.JPG (144374 bytes)

Popular US Aircraft superimposed on USAAF wings $15.   Other aircraft available, please let me know what you need.

Allied Wings30001.JPG (92869 bytes)

US Navy WWII to Vietnam.  $10

Watch for more vintage patches and pins.  Looking for something special?  Email.