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Hot New Pin Prices!!!

Cut a deal with my pin maker and I can radically cut prices to you!

New Prices!  Single piece pins $10  Multi-piece Pins $15 

SSTK on Wing $15

Top level - NSKK, Shortrange IC, LAH Runes, Afrika, LW Grenadier, Kettenkrad or BWW IC or Grunherz LW all multi-piece $15 

Winged Wheel. Zunndapp, Sidecar, Airhead Rally Pin, Harley WLA $10

Harley WLA, Shovelhead, Dresser, Winged disc, all skull pins and wings $10

SS Eagle, TK, Gebirgs/TK, Sunwheel, SS-Buckle, Single or Double Rune IC & Runic Shield $10

SS-FJ, TK-IC, TK-Wreath, Viking Raider, TK-Runic $15

 Biker_Pins_50001.JPG (171420 bytes)Biker_Pins_50001_1.JPG (152915 bytes)

Multi-piece means pieces are cast individually and assembled above is an  - Grune Herz LW Eagle, Heer Eagle IC, LW Eagle IC, HD Victory, U-Boat IC, Grenadier IC, Day Fighter IC, LAH Runes Single-piece - Hussar Rune Pin

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Since the closing days of World War II German badges and adaptations of these badges have been worn by many motorcycle riders, surfers, and skaters.  Yet many don't want to show off a swastika.  In the old days it was filed off.  Soldat is working with a number of artists to produce a line of pins & badges.

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Join the Dedhedz, hot rodz and bikes outa Pair O' Dice, Montana!

Dedhedz70001.JPG (252526 bytes)

Dedhedz Rod & Chop Shop Rags!  Use 'em on your ride, or wear 'em on the go!  $8.50 remaining stock.  Dedhedz art by "Cyco" Billy Ward, an old skool ink meister. 

Made in Montana! Big & Showy! Hand made heavy leather key fobs with your choice of High Quality Medal or Pin!  Super Gift Item! Starting at $25!

Key_Ring10001.JPG (316209 bytes)

Shown here are four various size "Biker Pins" that we've had mounted on hand cut, finished leather with heavy duty riveted metal loop that fits your standard key spring clip.  We keep some in stock but can mount your choice of medal on your choice of background shape in no time!  Right now leather can be had in brown (shown here), black or oiled natural.  We can mount Allied & US Wings & Tradition Pins , any of our pin Combat Medals or Awards

Classic Concert Poster! 

KKPoster-Hell'sAngels0001.JPG (266534 bytes)

Just like when you or your uncle scored the poster at the concert in '66 and stuffed it in your leather jacket!  Sweet copy of a rare piece of music history from the Bay. $10 as you see it here or with out the folds plus ship!  10 x 16 inch power pole or billboard paste up size.  Framed behind glass will roll as the real deal if you spin your story right!

Watch for more vintage patches and pins.  Looking for something special?  Email.