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German Items

'Right out of the footlocker you found in the attic!' 



SOLD!  ,Germania' SS-Sturmscharfhr. M-36 as utilized by the expanding Waffen-SS.  Ready to go or I can add awards & run through the time machine!  .  New old stock this has been boxed for years!  Old Sturm in extra large size.  Stunning insignia!  $275  SOLD!


Großdeutschland Gefreiter M40 Bluse.  Vintage Sturm, been boxed for years.  Odd darkgreen 3rd pattern enlisted cufftitle and embroidered eagle with bevo factory applied Litzen.  Extra large size but new old stock!  $225.



Framed Knight's Cross Wall Decoration


 I got into this too cheap to be original!  A lot of guys from my state & from my town were in WWII all over, just had one of the last Bataan March survivors pass last year. The ribbon is good, sure not the junk stuff that has been passing for the last number of years, right weave, edge and color. I've not seen a copy like this of the KC, that I can recall, and I have seen a few! 
For reference ONLY I put on top of the glass one of my J.Q. copies. 800 marked cross & loop.  So you can see the detail on this is nice!  The old wood frame is sealed with the typed label you can see. Nice piece of Feldgrau wool under the medal.  I'm selling this as a vintage copy; a perfect wall hanger you don't need to worry about with a great story on the back!    
Too save you time & trouble I'll answer these questions right now:
Is it marked? Not on front and can't see on loop. It is sealed under glass.
Will you take it out of the frame and take photos? No, it is sealed up, so going to not mess with it. It is a bunker wall hanger!  Is it 3 piece construction?  Magnetic? It is sealed under glass, your guess good as mine!
How much for JQ one? $1200 with original section of ribbon. There are no more of these JQ coming (at least that I know of) as the market is flooded with copies of them made in China, classic Chinese copy of a copy!   Plus these were sold as 'war period, original pieces via a number well known European vendors over 10 years ago.
NOTE! I will also be putting up for sale original sections of ribbon with 800 marked JQ quality loops for $197 a set. I have 4 sets.

Original SS Dagger

SS RZM 7/29, Rare German SS Dagger, Klittermann & Moog.  Nickel silver fittings, anodized scabbard. The motto is correct for the maker as is the makers mark, the Rune enamel is in great shape with a few small chips in the glass, the eagle is correct and nickel silver with great patina. The cross guards are nickel silver and are not District marked as are most of the examples of this rare dagger, the grip has no cracks, a few dings here and there and some chips at the lower guard. The fit is perfect on this dagger. I cannot see any scratches on the upper at the pommel and it looks as though it has never been turned. There is a small ding in the lower ball. Some oxidation and pitting in the scabbard. $4500. 


 Original RLB Dagger

RLB Leader 1st Model. Rare Dagger, maker Kroneck! Great shape. Early fittings.  The leather is in great shape, the early emblem has no chips in the enamel.  $4000



MG Ammo Can Set BW issue but perfect for carrying ammo or in background for display!  $50 for the set! 

Buy this SS-Mann Machinegunner Set and I'll throw in the MG cans above it they are still here!  Act now!

SS-Mann Machinegunner Package!   Bluse, helmet, smock, helmet cover, straps, belt, mg pouch, E-marken, & gasmask can.  $499 AND you get the two ammo boxes above if I still have em!  Helmet is great for reenacting as it is a reworked aluminum shell, light on the head!


SET SALE!  The below cap, overcoat & Bluse all for $500!


Put a nice German made Erel Cap with that leather overcoat! $250 with dust goggles.


General officer overcoat with officer quality Afrika Campaign Cuff-title.  Medium to large size.  Nice light patina, ready for display!  $150


A Field Marshall gabardine uniform.  Nicely put together.  Sized XL it will be perfect for a larger collector, priced at $150.

Save $50!!!!   Buy the Cap, Overcoat & Bluse as a set for $500!   You can NOT buy all the parts for that!!!!

Kriegsmarine U-boat Kaptain's jacket.  Nice age patina along with Iron Cross 1st Class & U-boat badge. Large size ready to go into your collection $200


Reichsmarschall Cap $200   

Buy BOTH $375!  That's right around retail cost for the RM cap!  You get the Führer cap for free!

Führer Crusher Cap $200

SOLD!  Waffen SS Panzer Unterführer (NCO) Feldmütz   Beautiful Karl Lehmann & Sohn cap Coated visor cracked with age. About a 58cm size.  One of a kind piece $325 


Heer Infantrie Offizier Feldmütz.  One of a kind Karl Lehmann u. Sohn cap!  Beautiful visor coating, cracked with age!   About a size 58.  $425

Heer Panzer Offizier Feldmütz.  Beautiful construction by Robert Klein.  Size 58. One of a kind $525.


Kreigsmarine Offizier Tropenmütz as worn by U-boat officers in the South Atlantic & Indian Ocean. Beautiful patina! One of a kind $250.

Waffen SS Feldmütz.  Beautiful patina on HBT cloth exterior with rayon lining.  Size not marked but about 58.  One of a kind.$175!


Juwelier Qualiäte Pour le Merit $1500

You know these replicas, used as display stand-ins for collections while originals are held in the safety deposite box.  No more of these are coming my way as the money guys making these have pretty much flooded the market with these sold as 'original'.  No markings.  Stunning work! 


Late War Waffen SS Offizier M43 Cap with BEVO insignia.  Only one available!  Beautifully vintaged $275

Das Afrika Korps Heer Troppenhelm with like new British WWII goggles, the same as Rommel wore on his cap!  Only one available! $275

Beautiful Heer Early War Period Feldmütz marked 58!  Only one available! Beautiful vintage $175.


Lantern (Bundeswehr 1950s so same as WWII) $35


 MP40 Field Gear Set 



Great set to complete your late war or Italian Front display! Contains Tropical Web Belt, Heer Buckle, Bread Bag, Canteen, Mess Kit, MP40 Pouches, Tropical Y-straps.   All items have a nice aged patina to them so they will look great on you display $275

 Mid to Late War Complete Field Gear Set  


This set is a combination of high quality replica and original pieces. All have been used and look 100% period. If you are looking for a complete set of field gear to finish off a display this is it. Contains leather belt,  Heer buckle, K-98 pouches, e-tool carrier, e-tool (nonfolding), Bread Bag, Y-straps, A-Frame with bag, Mess kit, Zeltbahn, bayonet with web frog, Canteen.  All is broken in and will look great when paired with your display! $450

Boot Set

This pair of Marchstiefel will make your display tell a story $50