Soldat FHQ Collection Sales

German Items

10. September 2021

'Right out of the footlocker you found in the attic!' 

All Items Shown are One of a Kind!  New items all the way through, so go to bottom!

 Hermann Göring's Reichsmarschall Baton

This is a high end, museum quality replica originating through a top quality vendor who specializes in original as well as copies of this type of item selling for top dollar.  The collector selling this baton purchased it for display in a state military museum.  He has it back now and wants to recoup a bit of his investment.  $875!

 The baton shaft is a high gloss ivory white enamel (the first RM baton was made of ivory). The shaft is decorated with gold plated Wehrmacht eagles alternating with silver iron and Balkan crosses, both with matte black painted centers. End caps display Luftwaffe eagle and Balkan cross. Two inscription rings display Göring’s name, promotion date and a dedication from Hitler. The end caps and inscription rings are encrusted with faux diamonds creating an incredibly beautiful baton.

          Zeltbahn with complete tent set up $350

Look no further to finish your collection!


Mint issued condition with several peg and rope variants. 


Gas Mask $250 BMW maker marked! 

Near mint with early war gas sheet bag, extra belt hook straps & more! 

Hard to find a better example for display!


SA Dagger Vet Bring Back  $1195


1939 Iron Cross 1st Class in Original Case and Presentation Box!  Absolutely Mint Condition!  $1200

BH Mayer production.  Absolutely mint.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th time this has been in the light.  Looking at other offerings on line NONE are more mint than this. This was part of a collection that came to light in Red Lodge, Montana in the mid-1970s.   A local vet had been part of the troops liberating Dachau and the surrounding industrial area and he loaded a duffle bag with things right off the warehouse shelves.  A collector who ended up working for Manion’s auction was first on the spot and sold this to a another local collector to pay for the deal. 


Cased 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class $750

This is another part of the Red Lodge haul.  No cardboard presentation case.  Beautiful mint medal in domed case.  Produced by Freidrich Orth of Wien.  Note that beautiful discoloration on the case backing cloth!  Super!  Like the one before these are not out in the wild anymore! 

1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class.  Mint as you can get!  $500

Another Red Lodge piece.  The only thing wrong here is tear on paper envelope.  I’m not taking this out of the wrapping paper.  When you own it you can, but that would be crazy!   This photo is just how the medal and ribbon slid out of the envelope.  Not a rare medal in itself, this is a mint time capsule you won’t see the likes of again!  $500.

Soldaten Personal Item Collection $250

Maskenbrille with perscription in case, Soldbucher, wallet, letters with a love poem, photo card of the 'Kinder mit Hund' & Feldpost novel.  All brought back by Montana, GIs!

M35 Helmet $1700 

Beautiful Montana vet bring back.  This was a double decal helmet that has had the national colors removed in the field.  This is a bit rare as most of these had the decal removed and repainted then re-issued during the war.  This helmet saw action until captured and stuck in the duffle bag!  A great price for what is essentially a rare double decal Army helmet. 


Original SS Dagger

SS RZM 7/29, Rare German SS Dagger, Klittermann & Moog.  Nickel silver fittings, anodized scabbard. The motto is correct for the maker as is the makers mark, the Rune enamel is in great shape with a few small chips in the glass, the eagle is correct and nickel silver with great patina. The cross guards are nickel silver and are not District marked as are most of the examples of this rare dagger, the grip has no cracks, a few dings here and there and some chips at the lower guard. The fit is perfect on this dagger. I cannot see any scratches on the upper at the pommel and it looks as though it has never been turned. There is a small ding in the lower ball. Some oxidation and pitting in the scabbard. $4500. 


 Original RLB Dagger

RLB Leader 1st Model. Rare Dagger, maker Kroneck! Great shape. Early fittings.  The leather is in great shape, the early emblem has no chips in the enamel.  $4000



Heer Infantrie Offizier Feldmütz.  One of a kind Karl Lehmann u. Sohn cap!  Beautiful visor coating, cracked with age!   About a size 58.  $425

Heer Panzer Offizier Feldmütz.  Beautiful construction by Robert Klein.  Size 58. One of a kind $525.


Kreigsmarine Offizier Tropenmütz as worn by U-boat officers in the South Atlantic & Indian Ocean. Beautiful patina! One of a kind $250.

Waffen SS Feldmütz.  Beautiful patina on HBT cloth exterior with rayon lining.  Size not marked but about 58.  One of a kind.$175!


 You know these replicas, used as display stand-ins for collections while originals are held in the safety deposite box.  No more of these are coming my way as the money guys making these have pretty much flooded the market with these sold as 'original'.  No markings.  Stunning work! 

Beautiful Heer Early War Period Feldmütz marked 58!  Only one available! Beautiful vintage $175.