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Panzer 'Crusher' Cap

Finished from original parts what the seller believes to be a pre-war produced Panzer 'Crusher' that has had a near mint coated visor, original insignia all applied as well by my first cap maker.  However, it is not like any cap I ever saw him made by him.

One of a kind cap and perfect for someone who can't afford an original Panzer Crusher.  Seller wants $1600 for this cap, he is, however, open to reasonable offers.

Juwelier Qualiäte Pour le Merit $1500

You know these replicas, used as display stand-ins for collections while originals are held in the safe.  No more of these are coming my way as the money guys making these have pretty much flooded the market with these sold as 'original'. 

Soldat FHQ is selling collections for customers as well as in house.  Soldat FHQ has a world-wide web presence and offers you a world-wide market!   I work on a percentage of the sale of your set and handle the sale, shipping, customer satisfaction and payout to you.  For you, the buyer, you know that the items shown are the items you are going to get, because it is Soldat FHQ!

Items sold in the shown sets unless noted, so please don't cherry pick.

I really want some of this but I don't have enough money!  OK, make an offer*, on some things I have some room to deal and I can always approach my client with your offer.   Let's talk.   

*An "offer" means the interested party (you) come to the seller (me) and say "Will you take $$$ for this?"  


"Right Out of the footlocker in the Attic!" 

Named Waffen SS Helmet Available

Right out of an attic in Remscheid matching named set of helmets for a Knight's Cross winner from the LSSAH.  Well that is the story you can tell!  I just noticed a named double decal SS helm going for over $20,000!  Maybe I was seeing things but you can still have this named Waffen SS Officer helmet for $300!     The decals are nicely set like they should be, a bit of wear and tear but what do you expect of a helmet that would have been left during leave and then never recovered till now.  The Waffen SS helm is marked Q64.  If you want more age on it we can send it through The Soldat Time Machine.

US Army WWII Field Gear Set

  All original with prices based on At the Front replicas all are mint to very good condition.  Pistol Belt 42 date, M36 Suspenders 43 dated,  BAR Belt 42 dated with suspenders 43 dated, M24 1st Aide Pouch with Dressing 42 dated with an empty 43 dated pouch (you get 2x), .45 Ammo and 2x Carbine Ammo Pouches all 43 dated, Mess Kit with 2x knives 45 dated, 1910 Canteen Cover, British Made 44 dated 1918 dated canteen and 45 dated cup, Carbine Scabard 43 dated and a bandolier.  Replica price for this set out of ATF $560.   All original price  $475.

Camp Set

More items from the trade, this is a camp set that includes a stool, camp lantern (Bundeswehr 1950s so same as WWII) and ammo crate (R). $75 for the lot. The box is heavy so shipping won’t be cheap but a bit of cool stuff to decorate the house for Halloween.


 MP40 Field Gear Set 

This is a great set to complete your late war or Italian Front NCO. Contains Tropical Web Belt (R-replica), Heer Buckle (O), Bread Bag (Postwar Bundeswehr), Canteen (DDR with WWII style cup so looks great), Mess Kit (Postwar Bundeswehr) has name scratched into top, MP40 Pouches (R), Tropical Y-straps (R), 2 x Tropical web straps (R) for mounting Zelt on shoulder D-Rings (sorry did not get pic of these, they are same web color as Y-straps. All items have a nice aged patina to them so will set of your display nicely.  $335

Mid to Late War Infantrie Soldat Complete Field Gear Set  

This set is a combination of high quality replica and original pieces. All have been used and look 100% period. If you are looking for a complete set of field gear to finish off a display this is it. Contains leather belt (R-replica), Heer buckle (O-original), K-98 pouches (O), e-tool carrier (R), e-tool (nonfolding) (O), Bread Bag (not sure so call it R), Y-straps (R), A-Frame with bag (R), Mess kit (O), Zeltbahn (looks O but not 100% so calling it R), bayonet (O) with web frog (R), Canteen (DDR) with cup (O). I am pricing all of this as replica items so you win on original stuff, I’m basing off of At the Front, not their Texeled gear, standard items. All is broken in and will look great when paired with original uniform items! $590 As a bonus I will toss in a bag of stripper clips!

Boot Sets

Winter Felt Boots with battle worn look would look great with a display $35.   This pair of Marchstiefel will make your display tell a story!  $75.  Perfect for the M44 uniform set or your display. Postwar boots look perfect with the Gamaschen, the Bergputtees or rolled socks. No nails, US made boots are about 9.5 US size $75. 


Colsale_vintmedset0001.JPG (172206 bytes)

Vintage Replica Medals!

  $125 each or $300 for the set!

Colsale_vintmedset20001.JPG (56443 bytes)

Super fillers for hard to get originals!  Will let you finish off that medal project or look super on a uniform!

Colesale_DanSShelm0001.JPG (206660 bytes)

Danish SS Helmet.  Copied from customers original photos this is a standard helmet over painted in lighter gray, double decal & aged.

Colesale_FJHelm60001.JPG (283191 bytes)

"Normandie" Pattern Camouflage on FJ Helm. Hand applied stiff brush period style field paint job. SS-FJ-Btl. helmet & liner, mint & run through The Soldat Time Machine.

 Remember when you found stuff like this that was your dad's, uncle's, or grandfather's and it kicked in the whole collecting history thing for you?

Colesale_FJHelm10001.JPG (205956 bytes)Colesale_FJHelm20001.JPG (83802 bytes)Colesale_FJHelm30001.JPG (73493 bytes)Colesale_FJHelm40001.JPG (72931 bytes)

Early War Fallschirmjager Helmet!  I have access to a limited number of FJ helments, all 60-61.  FHQ works on the decal, finish, liner, to give you a great kick start to putting one of these rare pieces in your collection.  This one has very light wear and oxidation. 

Colesale_FJHelm50001.JPG (64340 bytes)

FHQ can run heavier wear as well as some variations on the finish, price depends on work finish.

Colesale_SSHelm0001.JPG (113950 bytes) Colesale_SSHelm20001.JPG (50723 bytes) Colesale_SSHelm40001.JPG (38678 bytes)

This Waffen SS Single Decal, named Waffen SS M40 Helmet is SOLD but I can make another, email me.   Looks like field wear and age from a Normandy battlefield pick up that came home to sit in the attic.  A great starter helmet for a collection of SS helmets.  

Colesale_A-SSHelm20001.JPG (89846 bytes) Colesale_A-SSHelm0001.JPG (103902 bytes) Colesale_A-SSHelm30001.JPG (47234 bytes)

Double Decal, named LSSAH Parade Helmet.   Showing very little wear just like what would have come had it came out of the gramp's dufflebag after he traded a pack of gum to a Berlin kid for it while he was waiting to go home.  Aged black finish looks great in a display of SS Stahlhelm!  

All items can be run through The Soldat Time Machine to your specifications, medals and loops can be added.  Please ask if that is of interest to you.  Unless marked ORIGINAL all items are replicas.

Interested? Email or call 406-293-9630 for payment details.  If you are looking for something in particular please ask.