Erel Schirmmütz by Robert Lubstein

Made in Germany

 The caps shown here are not  'out of the box'.  All have had insignia added, have been 'crushed' or shaped, and vintaged in the Soldat Time Machine individually to customer specification.

Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Waffen SS & Other Schirmmütz Caps Available starting at $225.

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Picked up visor today from post office and boy is it a beauty! Thanks!  Steve

Just finished this Waffen SS Schirmmütz.

 Moderate 'crush' run through the Time Machine so it fits right in with the collection for a cap used on the front, a 'right out of the footlocker in the attic find.'


How do these look out of the box when I get them?  


 Time Machined to where they look like something left in the attic in Germany later sold at a military show and resold by a dealer; these two have the shinny new penny look taken off. Just the patina you can believe in.   

MutzSSW Gen2.jpg (141288 bytes)  MutzSSKL Gab Inf Crsh.jpg (165106 bytes)

The schirrmutze arrived and looks amazing.  The shape, the aging, all look fantastic.  Thank you for such a great mutze.  Will definitely recommend you to all the guys in my unit. Outstanding work!

Take a look in Collection Sales for caps that are being sold on consignment.

*I am aware of at least two Asian firms who produce a pirate label Erel and neither are the quality of the Lubstein cap.  Robert Lubstein has been in production for years making caps for the post war German military.