The City of Eagles - Libby Montana

Soldat's Home Town

Lots of times I get asked, "Where is Soldat FHQ?"  We are located in the beautiful northwest part of the great state of Montana.  Nestled amid snow capped mountains, rich pine forests, glacial river and sparkling streams Libby is a gorgeous spot.  Take a look  here, see if you don't nod in agreement.  Make a vacation to this part of the world part of your plans when you come to visit the Soldat FHQ shop!  If you need other vacation help, send your email to me at Soldat and I'll get it to the right folks who will help you plan your trip!

Home_Town_Dirtyshame.jpg (156165 bytes)Home_Town_Yaakfalls.jpg (63592 bytes)

Gloria and Will infront of the Dirty Shame Saloon.  Check your guns and come on in!  Will in front of the Yaak Falls, Montana

The Seasons of the Kubel


Home_Town_Kub_Viking_S.jpg (228595 bytes)


Home_Town_Kub_Viking.jpg (203936 bytes)


Home_Town_Kub_Viking W.jpg (153660 bytes)

  Fireman's Park honors out super volunteer fire department.  In 1996 we had a microburst that knocked a lot of trees out of the park.  Local chainsaw artists came in and did various sculptures.   This is the Wiking. You can camp here for free!

Home_Town_Kub_Egl.jpg (128643 bytes)

One of Todd's giant metal eagle sculptures.  This thing is like 50 feet tip to tip.  Right on Highway 2.

Home_Town_Kub_Egl2.jpg (138035 bytes)

Eagle II, infront of the Chamber of Commerce and Fireman's park.

Home_Town_Helping Hvs.jpg (142329 bytes)

William & Burbon at the Helping Hooves Awards BBQ.   Helping Hooves provides Equine Therapy to folks of all ages.  William has not only benefited in balance and flexibility, he has also learned about care and respect for a horse.  No website yet, but this is another living in paradise plus.

Home_Town_Mod T.jpg (209463 bytes)

The Montana 500.  A 2 day stock Ford Model T race.  How cool is that!? This one caught my eye, these girls smoked 'em off the line (well as much as a stock T can smoke 'em)!  Another too much fun in NW Montana day! 

Folks, Organizations & Places That Make Things Happen for the Area

Home_Town_Shakes.jpg (158601 bytes)

Matt Brumlow & William as dusk falls on the stage.  Each year Montana Shakespeare in the Parks presents plays in Libby. 

Provider Pals

Home_Town_PPals.jpg (79582 bytes)nycstatueofliberty_png.tif (52883 bytes)

Will goes to Raven as a Libby Host for kids from NYC and San Diego.  Kira was in the first class to go and now this photo of her and her friends is on the Provider Pals poster!  This program is locally created, with funding from Ford Motor Company and now has many other friends, and helps kids in the city to see where stuff they use and eat comes from; everything we use either grows and is harvested or is extracted and refined.  Check out the site to see all the places that are involved in the Libby based program.

Montana Athletic Club

OK, it is me on the bike, but look closer!  That is the famous Montana Athletic Club  Flamingo MAC!  That bird has been all over this end of Montana, even under the protection of the US Border Patrol!  It is only natural for him to want to get on the finest bike in town and cut out.  Hahahaha!  I was on my way to work out and took the key!   A fun place to keep fit, get the blood to the brain and to think!  A great staff and a welcoming atmosphere! 

Libby MAC.jpg (168797 bytes)B.Zwang sking 001.jpg (12812 bytes)

Ski Turner Mountain

Here is a newspaper clipping of Soldat's accountant Bruce Zwang.  Bruce is also the president of a local volunteer group that manages one of the best skiing places in the USA.  Turner Mountain gets better known each year as skiers look to challenge their skills and get a change of pace from the multimillion dollar ski towns that dot the west.

Boyz n' Girlz with Gunz

Hometown_William_w_AK.jpg (15366 bytes)Home_Town_KiraM4.jpg (125143 bytes)

Semi auto time at the county public range!  Guns are good.  Good for teaching kids safety, respect, about what made America, and that "it ain't like in the movies!"  The NRA put in a huge grant and now this range has covered benches, trap & skeet range, bow range a caretaker and just keeps getting better.  I'll get another photo of the whole place.

 Hometown_jazzband.jpg (123606 bytes)

Libby Middle School Jazz Band at the Buddy DeFranco Festival! 

Libby is a community, in a county, in a state that is on a roll towards the future.  Get on, ride the wave!

Stuff Happening In the Area That You Could Come to:

Old Fashioned 4th of July in Troy

Home_Town_4th09a0001.JPG (170853 bytes)Home_Town_4th09b0001.JPG (55585 bytes)

2009 Anna in the Koob with our entry as "Hat's Off To Vets!"  "Hats Off To somebody" was the theme. and we won 1st place!  Anna rocked the Mg42 all the way through the parade and really lite it up as we hit Troy's Bar Row where all the bikers were, huge fun!

Home_Town_4th080001.JPG (56877 bytes)Hometown_Kiraprinces.jpg (44695 bytes)

2008 Will and the Mg42's first year.  We win "Most Unique Entry" in the parade.  2007 Kira waits for her Viking ship to arrive, she was the Nordic Princess in 2007.

Logger Days

Home_Town_Logger080001.JPG (51693 bytes)Hometown_sumband.jpg (95276 bytes)

  A celebration of logging heritage.  2008 Flying Tiger supports Straight Up Student Youth.  2007 Will & Jasmine showed of the Summer Band Program in the parade.

Ignite the Nites

When was the last time you had your mainstreet light up with big block power.  On Friday night, on the 3rd weekend of August major motors put rubber to asphalt downtown during "Cruise the Gut!"   Brought to you by the oldest active car club in Montana, the Igniters.

GMUAnna09Carshow0001.JPG (123048 bytes)

Here we are at the 09 show. 

Home_Town_Blastoff0001.JPG (64810 bytes)

Anna and I did the Blast Off Scholarship where you could shoot the Mg42 Gazzgunn for a donation.  Did $160 for a kid college bound.  Had one big whiner who called the cops, who could care less as they all were down here.  Just made more people want to do it.  We then did a fund raiser for Giovanni, a kid with cancer, at the local gun show.  Had another local nut, who claims he is a "Nam Combat Vet" (funny, nobody worked in a rear area job in the that whole war; least I've never met them everyone is a LRRP, SEAL, 101st, PBR, Gunship guy.  Wonder who did th paper work?) come up and call me an "asshole" and that only in Libby could I "get away with shooting a machine gun in town."  Well, he helped out Giovanni as a load of guys came out and wanted to shoot just to screw with him. 

Home_Town_Ign080001.JPG (153370 bytes)

Ignite the Night 08.  Here's the Koob set up for display Saturday.  Didn't win, again!  But boy did we have a great time on the "Friday Cruise"!  That is the night before the show when the main street down town is blocked off and car show entrants cruise the cars, burn out, shoot flames out the exhaust and generally show off.  So we put the MG42 "Gazgunn" in the Koob and went down town.  After we cleared it with the cop in charge ( he is a rod builder and his wife is a drag racer) we roared (as well as a Koob can) up and down the street blasting 3 - 5 round bursts (into the air so as to prevent gun fights with armed citizens - no casualties.)   Kids were screaming for more, as were some adults.   Some were covering their ears but we were not as loud as any of the rods with cut outs on the exhausts.   Will and Anna both go two runs, big stuff for a 3rd grade girl to have a car with a machinegun. Over 300 cars were in the show (only one like the Koob).  All kinds of questions on how the gun worked and about the Koob, just wish a few more vehicle guys were here so we could set up a camp at the end of the main drag.  Had a friend come through town on a ride from Canada back to Butte and he stopped to see what was going on, when he saw the Koob he knew I was around so found me in the shade.  Remember when you come to town just ask for "that guy with the German jeep".

Hometown_Ign_Aaron.jpg (188190 bytes)

2007 Aaron starting to turn them over on the Ventura as the crowd starts to gather.  The Kooble is taking a break to make room for the big blocks.

Hometown_Ign_Kooble.jpg (187448 bytes)

2006 Beauty and the Beasts, the Kooble on show Saturday morning.   We were beat out by by a restored VW ragtop! 

Christmas Parade

Home_Town_Xmas080001.JPG (44342 bytes)

Christmas Parade 08.  Neu Elf, Will was wrestling so Anna takes a turn!

HomeTown_XmasKoob0001.JPG (301759 bytes)

Getting ready for the Christmas Parade  07.     The 16 inches of snow from last weekend had melted away, Elfin Will and St.Nikolaus had a great time! Hohoho!

Nicholas.jpg (23589 bytes)

Nicholas, the Weinachtsmann, waits to start the Festival of Lights Parade in 03.  Along with his trusted companion, Schwartz Peter (taking the photo) Nicholas navigated the snow covered route, without reindeer, on his faithful CJ R71.  Forgoing generated lights the bike  was illuminated with a single candle lamp.  With sleigh bells and a hearty "Froh Weinachten!" candy was brought to all those good boys and girls on the parade route.  Peter had a bundle of switches, but the naughty were not in attendance!

Home_Town_Antbike.jpg (184157 bytes)

American Antique Motorcycle Run - Antique bikes were here 4 - 6 August.

Nordic Fest - Celebrate Nordic Traditions with lots of eating and fun in Sep! 

Irish Fair - The place to be if you aren't in Boston or Butte on St. Patty's Day.

Home Town 1.jpg (179987 bytes)

There is lots more to Libby and Lincoln County, I'll put more info up as I get to it or you can search yourself.   Oh, and tell 'em Soldat sent you!


OK, I know you looked and now you are hooked.  I know how it is!  Want to look at some land or a home?  Get with Patty Evans, she is the Soldat approved broker.  This is a great place for those who make their living on line or by some other self-contained means.  Basically, you need to bring your job with you.  This place is perfect for family businesses ready to work out of a house by the Kootenai River or the shop looking out a window towards the Cabinet Mountains.  All major parcel carriers operate here with inbound shipping with USPS and UPS outbound.  Soldat FHQ exists via cyberspace and the USPS!  Low on malls but big on views there are 8 million acres of public lands for you to wander with world class fishing and hunting.