Montana Sticks

Classic Campfire Rotisserie Sticks

Easy & safe to use, classic design, heirloom durability, & handcrafted in Montana

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Handturned Hardwood

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Classic Handturned Painted

These hand forged, hand turned, & individually assembled campfire rotisserie sticks will let you easily master the perfect cooking of your meat or marshmallow!  $25 each!

Classic Sticks In Use

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The secret is in the two piece custom hard wood handle design that lets you comfortably support your rotisserie stick at the exact place over the glowing campfire coals while using the end cap to slowly rotate your treat to get that perfect puffy golden brown marshmallow or that deliciously cooked, but not burned, hot dog!

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The custom turned handle covers the hand-forged fork tines to help get the sausage in the bun without touching the meat, for poke free storage, for transport to the campsite, & safe out of the campfire handling so everyone can use & carry their own!

Who thought of this?  The first sticks were designed & made by the brother of my wife's granddad.  Her family's set were used for roasting at their Flathead Lake place.  The original set of sticks continue to serve the 4th generation with my kids using them now!

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The artist's brand.   The Flying F is Mike's brand.   Your brand, or the brand of the lucky folks you are gifting the set of sticks to,  can be here.  Want to know more about that?

All the handles are custom turned, one at a time.  Your stick set will not have two sticks with the same handle!  Not only unique, but saves on fireside arguments on who really cooked that perfect marshmallow because everyone has their own stick!  Choosing "their" stick will start a family tradition that will stick with your kids & grand kids for a long time!

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Hand-forged in Mike's blacksmith shop just like the original family design with custom hickory handles & knobs that he turns in the wood shop.  We will only offer hand forged stainless steal for customer sales. 

We are a small outfit in Libby, Montana.   Mike does the smithin' & woodworkin' while Cyrus does the marketin' & shippin'.   I'm doing the selling out of my online store, Soldat FHQ, which deals in historical military replicas, if that interests to you, take a look!  We are not big time, just a couple of guys usin' what we know to keep things movin' along here in paradise. 

$25 each. 

Shipping & Handling in the US is by UPS starts at $25.

Ordering can be done online with an email to Montana Classic Campfire Rotisserie Sticks or you can call me at 406-293-9630 remember you'll get Soldat Fhq & Flying Tiger Hobby on the answering machine, so no worries you got the right number.   I'm in & out but will get back to you.  If you leave a number speak SLOWLY please.

Payment wise we have to keep it simple.  Cash in bills (love that green stuff), US Postal Money Order or Pay Pal.    No Checks, it is just too much to deal with.

Cash or US Postal Money Orders to:

Cyrus Lee, 343 Rustic Ave., Libby, MT 59923  Please put a note in there with your shipping address!

Pay Pal Price add 5% to Total

You can either send the payment to my pay pal account or you can send me an email & I'll shoot you an invoice.  The extra dough is because we don't hide fees & pay pal wants their cut of the action.  You just have to figure if 5% is worth the drive to the post office & the Money Order fee. 

How long does shipping take.   UPS Ground seems to run anywhere 2 - 7 days out of here depending on where you are.   We are in remote area and the UPS mules sometime have to break snow.  Mike works to keep the stock up so I can ship out next day, so figure couple of weeks.   It's all tracked so you can check the progress.

Disclaimer Stuff:   Camping, campfires, camp foods, camp activities, and camp tools all have inherent risks with use.  Our sticks can be dangerous if used in an inappropriate manner by unsupervised adults or children undertaking such activities as "sword fighting", flipping flaming marshmallows, or showing off their cooking by sticking it in another persons face.   In our families these sinful acts were dealt with by parents, usually mom or grandma.   So if you wanna be stupid take your own lumps.   Like freedom, camping & campfire fun has risk.