Schutzmütz   Armored Beret

These berets are shown as reference of past Soldat FHQ products only.  If you see something you are intereseted in cut photo & email we can propsed your project to our artists.

PzB_Heer20001.JPG (229154 bytes)PzB_Heer0001.JPG (267356 bytes)

Heer officer or enlisted beret with large, 14 inch heavy wool beret & with knit top on right.

PzB_Linerinsde0001.JPG (250814 bytes)

Liner with thickly padded interior with makers label.

PzB_SSPzr0001.JPG (210532 bytes)Pzr_Beret_SS Officer Insignia 0001.JPG (254983 bytes)

SS Panzer Beret with enlisted insignia.

PzB_Linerouter0001_1.JPG (140641 bytes)PzB_Linerouter_top0001.JPG (152299 bytes)

Liner exterior with correct rubber gromets.

PzB_SSStug0001.JPG (251175 bytes)

SS Sturmgeschutz knit wool top, not as large as the black wool 14 inch. 

As you have seen originals are not only hard to come by but very expensive.  Now you can fill that hole in the headgear collection!

PzB_LWofficer0001.JPG (185803 bytes)PzB_LW0001.JPG (232997 bytes)

An extremely rare, original Luftwaffe version being offered for a reported $20K!