Waffen SS General Insignia

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Abz_sepp_wide_capeagle0001.JPG (325882 bytes)

Two Sepp cap eagle varriants, a full half inch wider than standard!  Either style $22.50 each.

Abz_sepp_slvegle20001.JPG (257235 bytes)

A Sepp Sleeve Eagle with silver highlights $22.50!

abz_SS_CapTKEagle0001.JPG (191281 bytes)

Neu! Copied from originals cap set $45

Abz_SS_CapTKEagleSepp0001.JPG (52938 bytes)

Sepp Deitrich Cap Set in place on custom M43 cap

abz_SS_Off_Slv_Eagle0001_1.JPG (151105 bytes)

Waffen SS Hoheitsabzeichen für Offizier or Sleeve Eagle for Officer, finely detailed in correct 8 cm wing span for spitzenklasse image!  Copied from original samples with very heavy embroidery work. Bright or matt $22.50.

Sepp Dietrich's Special Uniform Insignia

abz_Sepp_Set20001_1.JPG (135994 bytes)

By the end of the war Dietrich was the highest ranking Waffen SS officer.  He had created a special cufftitle & sleeve eagle in gold, perhaps to show equality with Heer senior officers.  Copied from original samples from Sepp's Overcoat Eagle $22.50 & CuffTitle $29.50.   Note the trim body style of the eagle with the full swastika.  Note the gold braid sewn over the top of the RZM band silver edge strands.

SS Kragenspiegel or Runic Collar Insignia

abz_SS_bevo0001.JPG (10805 bytes)

Backed BEVO Insignia  
abz SS Runic Tabs.jpg (9031 bytes)

Waffen SS Kragenspiegel without edging w/ rank blank side $17.50 per pair.

Waffen SS Kragenspeigel with Edging w/ silver and black twist cord w/ rank blank $17.50 per pair.

Waffen SS Kragenspeigel with Black & Silver Edging w/ rank blank $17.50 per pair.

Waffen SS Offizer Kragenspeigel in aluminum wire w/ rank blank $17.50 per pair.

SS-Mann $17.50, SS-Sturmann $, SS-Rottenfhr $20.50, SS-Unterscharfhr  $20.50, SS-Scharfhr $23.50, SS-Obershcarfhr $23.50, SS-Hauptscharfhr  $26.50, SS-Sturmscharfhr $29.50, SS-Untersturmfhr $26.50, SS-Obersturmfhr $29.50, SS-Hauptstrurmfhr $32.50, SS-Sturmbannfhr $29.50, SS-Obersturmbannfhr $32.50

abz SS Gen Officer Tabs.jpg (206840 bytes)

SS-Standartenfhr, SS-Oberfhr, SS-Brigadefhr, SS-Gruppenfhr, SS-Obergruppenfhr,  SS-Oberstgruppenfhr $32.50   

In39.jpg (8808 bytes)

SS-Reichfhr  $35.50

Allgemeine-SS Shoulder Boards

abz A SS brds.jpg (29235 bytes)

Höhereführer (Senior / General Officers), Mittlereführer (Intermediate / Field Officers), Untereführer (Junior / Company Officers) u. Mannschaften u. Unterführer ( Enlisted and NCO) $22.50 each.  Worn only on the right shoulder.

Hoheitsabzeichen or Eagles

abz SS Early Slv Eagle.jpg (10422 bytes)

Waffen SS Hoheitsabzeichen alterart or Early Sleeve Eagle, extremely detailed  $17.50 enlisted only while supply lasts!

abz SS EM Hand Slv Egl.jpg (5325 bytes)

Waffen SS Hoheitsabzeichen für Offizier or Sleeve Eagle for Officer, finely detailed in correct 8 cm wing span for spitzenklasse image!  he enlisted version of this is on the way, in high relief detail hand embroidery!  Special order only $27.50

abz SS EM slv egl mach.jpg (20299 bytes)

Waffen SS Hoheitsabzeichen or sleeve eagle for enlisted.  Silver gray or spring green $10.50 while supply lasts.

SS-Oberschutz, Sturmann, u Rottenfhr.

abz SS Oberstz bis Rttnfhr.jpg (20526 bytes)

Rottenfhr $17. Oberschutz $10, Sturmann$15.  Chevrons available in metallic or subdued non metallic tress.

abz HBT chevs.jpg (43744 bytes)

Rottenfhr $22, Sturmann$20.  HBT Chevrons. 

Seigrunen der SS

abz SSGer Pkt Runes.jpg (48658 bytes)

Worn by SS members serving in units not authorized to wear runic collar insignia.  Officer wire or enlisted thread on black or Feldgrau backings. $17.50 each