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Updated 7.9.16

Original OT M43 with replica Heer Trap, replaced with original OT Trap, zig-zagged to contain top fray.  Customer commented in email to brother, "You must see the latest restoration and repair completed by Cyrus.  Thanks to him my M-43 Organization Todt cap now bears the correct trapezoid device.  Amazing workmanship by a true craftsman!"

Unknown Chinese M43 sent to Cap Rescue Service.  Added nice late war officer BEVO handstitch top-flip style and aged.  This was tricky as the "wool" really had a low if not totally absent wool content.  The offset button?  Factory quality control issue as the trap was lined up on the seam.

Customer sent this original NSDAP Leaders Cap to Cap Rescue Service with the visor detached and sweatband loose.  The cap is now ready to go back on display!

Some new caps that came through Cap Rescue Service.  Various post-war & replica caps catch some new life with upgrades to insignia with age and shaping.


Cap_Rescue_Hitler0001.JPG (242585 bytes)Cap_Rescue_Hitler20001.JPG (63185 bytes)

Found in the Bunker Hitler cap. 

Cap_Rescue70001.JPG (179119 bytes)

5 more rescues!

Cap_Rescue60001.JPG (250383 bytes)

As with many things in our market place, nowadays caps are made in China, Pakistan & other Asian shops.  Nearly every brand name is now copied and sold at a far lower price which is very attractive to the budget conscious buyer.  However some of these caps arrive from their source and are, well disappointing.   The price is such that it is not worth shipping back overseas.   What to do?

Cap_Rescue20001.JPG (170798 bytes)

On the right is a sample of what comes from a major vendor out of China, sweet huh!  Cap Rescue Service changes the piping color, adds quality Soldat FHQ insignia, chin cord & a little loving age and out comes the cap on the left - A South Russia veteran Heeres Signals Officer's Cap!

Cap_Rescue80001.JPG (252087 bytes)

Not bad caps, but there is that plastic visor & poorly placed wreath & cockade, not to mention now eagle!  You can see the results of Cap Rescue Service in the foto on the top of  the page!

Cap_Rescue10001.JPG (68523 bytes)

One of the really choice PLASTIC visors coming out of Asia, they have to go!  Cap Rescue Service can take this out & replace with a correct looking visor that will not scream CHEESE at you.  I actually just got in a cap that was pretty nice in workmanship except for the visor.  Will show you when done.  BTW the cap this came off of is the pre 1943 General's cap on top of the page which now sports one of Cap Rescue's visors!


Cap_Rescue50001.JPG (78816 bytes)

Not a bad start but had that horrible Chinese fake Bevo.   Soldat FHQ bevo, hand sewn as were many originals, aged.

Cap_Rescue40001.JPG (77311 bytes)

Dyed piping, added the metal insignia & aged.  The cap band is still a bit small but now the cap can have some dignity.

Cap_Rescue30001.JPG (81959 bytes)

Dyed piping, added panzer beret eagle & early TK then aged.   Rare early SS armored cap!

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