The Flying Tigers     A.V.G.

American Volunteer Group

Flying Tigers_CBI28th Ftr Grp20001.JPG (214034 bytes)

Heavy Bullion 28th Fighter Group on A2

Flying Tigers_CBIChit0001.JPG (200092 bytes)

CBI Silk, hand stitched Blood Chit

Flyingtigers_AVG_Pin40001.JPG (263826 bytes)

AVG Vet's cap loaded with memories.

Flyingtigers_AVG_Pin30001.JPG (141331 bytes)

Aged Chinese Air Force Wings Pin Back $22.50

Flyingtigers_AVG_Pin20001.JPG (255105 bytes)

Aged Group Pin $22.50.  Burma Road and Squadron Pins $12.50 each.  Limited to supply available!

Flyingtigers_AVG_Pin10001.JPG (250979 bytes)

Late Group Pin, Chinese Air Force Peacock, Squadron Pin $12.50 each. Limited to supply available.

Flyingtigers_AVG_Uni50001.JPG (319577 bytes)

Navy Flight Jacket with 3rd Pursuit Insignia, Army enlisted cap with Chinese insignia & buttons.  Want your jacket done?

Flyingtigers_AVG_Tag0001.JPG (331560 bytes).

Brass ID tag for a 3rd Squadron pilot $35

Flyingtigers_AVG_Britcap20001.JPG (248732 bytes)

Flyingtigers_AVG_Britcap10001.JPG (83359 bytes)Flyingtigers_AVG_Britcap30001.JPG (68083 bytes)

Period theater made US cap done in Brit style converted to AVG use. About a size 7.  Replaced sweat band.  One only $200.

Flyingtigers_AVG_Uni40001.JPG (156621 bytes)

Custom Crusher Cap made from USN officer cap, with soft leather visor.

Flyingtigers_AVG_Uni30001.JPG (186964 bytes)

Custom, theater made, AVG Patch.  POR

Flyingtigers_AVG_Uni20001.JPG (132458 bytes)

Custom conversion of a USN Officer's jacket for AVG use.

Flyingtigers_AVG_Uni10001.JPG (158226 bytes)

USN Flight Jacket with AVG Insignia added.

Flyingtiger_Natwing0001.JPG (191558 bytes)

We have been working on a top flight copy of the Nationalist Chinese Officer's Flight Wings in bullion. Top is aged bottom is new.   $27.50.

Flyingtiger_Watbtn0001.JPG (143646 bytes)

Original Manufacturer buttons for the AVG uniforms!  I have a small lot of both sizes from the Waterbury Button Company.   While they last $5 each.  No AVG uniform is correct without these buttons.

New hyper detailed insignia, caps, uniforms & more from this famous group of American Volunteers.

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