Uboot Kunst   U-Boat Art

Welcome to the art work of Kapitan C. Stanger of U66

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"A Long Way to Tipperary" depicts of a Uboot crew providing provisions to the survivors of a sunken British destroyer.  FHQ is offering a 11 x 17 inch color copy of this print for $21 shipped priority mail in the US.

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Connie at work on "Welcome Home. "  One of Connie's prizes, autographs and information from Erich Topp.

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"Welcome Home" by Connie Stanger is sketch art in the venue of Kriegsberichter artist of the period.   "Welcome Home" is offered in 24 x 21 cm print with more edge detail than shown here.  "Sharing Memories of Home" by Connie Stanger is one of seven prints offered in  Uboot Postkarten Nr.1 by Soldat FHQ.  All done in the anbord style of the wartime KB artist these will make great cards or mount into display along with our other art.  Card titles include: "Welcome Home"  " Navigator"   "Is She Giving Up?"  "Tonnage?"  "Painting the Pennants"  "Clear Horizon"  $27 shipped in the USA

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"Home for Christmas" a partial view of war period style KB watercolor art. & "U-552 at Saint-Nazaire 1942".   This is a partial view another watercolor by Connie Stanger.  Also availale from Soldat FHQ: "Cookie's Magic", "Eternal Vigilance", "Uncle Karl", "Christmas Kriegsabzeichen"  All 6 prints available for only $56 shipped in the US or $16 each shipped.

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"Atlantic Meeting", an early Stanger work, offered in 8.5 x 11 print $21 shipped.

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"Kapitänleutnant Günter Prien" this study by Stanger shows this famous commander 14 days out into a North Atlantic patrol.    6 x 10 inch copy at $18 shipped.