Soldat Lay Away Plan (SLAP)

Times are tight and you need to have some leverage to get things you want and still make a go at life.  I'd like to help you on that by offering you a way to get the Soldat products you want without card debit or interest.   I can't offer you a bailout or a TARP but I can offer you a SLAP, a Soldat Lay Away Plan!  Here's how it works.

If you want a Soldat product that is out of your monthly collecting budget, but would be inside a budget of say a few months put together; let's say a Karl Lehmann cap, and you want to get committed use SLAP.  If you know that there is a risk of that monthly bit if money vaporizing into the air if you don't get it position to do what you want then let's work out your lay away plan.

Basically, we are going to make a plan for you based on what Soldat product you want and what you can afford per month.  We are going to talk about commitment on both our parts to make fulfill your purchase.  When we agree we'll start with your payments.

I will ask you to send me payments in US Postal Money Orders.  I will start your file and keep track of your payments.  The first payments will go to pay off the product cost. That means when I have enough to make my cost I will order you item or set it aside for you.  When you meet the payoff amount I'll process your order. 

Want to start your SLAP?  Call me at 406-293-9630 or email