Imperial & Freikorps Awards & Decorations

Pour le Merite

Juwelier Quality

Right out of the early 1900s, super crisp strike detail, lettering & period looking enamel work.  POR

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Museum Quality

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Museum Quality Pour le Merit aged 90 years, left.  MQ P.l.M. mint, center. Price on Request, these are now very hard to get & stock.   High Quality P.l.M., mint, right. $30

High Quality

Made in the USA

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1st Row: Sturmtrupp Bronze, Commemorative Airship, Sturmtrupp Silver

2nd Row: W.W.I Pilot, W.W.I Air Gunner, W.W.I Tank

3rd Row: W.W.I Navy Pilot, W.W.I U-Boat, W.W.I Navy Sea Plane Pilot Badge

All above $22.50

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Austrian Stormtrooper Badge, Prussian Adjutant Badge, Austrian U-Boat $22.50

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West Afrikan Colony Badge, Bulgarian Observer, & Sudan Colony Badge $22.50

All Classes of the Iron Cross are now offered only in Neusilber!

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High Quality 1813 Grand Cross $35 , EK I & II $27.50 each

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High Quality 1870 & 1914 Grand Cross $37.50    1870 & 1914 Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class (not shown.)  $27.50

Museum Quality

All MQ pieces & prices subject to availability.

GDR EK 1 1870 frnt.jpg (19329 bytes)GDR EK 1 1870 bk.jpg (2862 bytes)

1870 EKI $75.  Also available 1914 EKI and EKII $75 each

GDR Feld ehren Abz frt.jpg (36279 bytes)GDR Feld ehren Abz bk.jpg (28645 bytes)

Heer Feld Ehrenabz.   I'm not sure of much about this badge but that it is really cool.  Highly detailed stamping of a German soldier on the front with engraved backing.  $75

GDR Frikorps.jpg (16450 bytes)

Quality Sturmtrupp Freikorps.   Stamped with nice period looking pins.  In gold (top left), silver (bottom reverse) & bronze (top right) $35