The War Order of the German Cross

Kriegsorden des Deutschen Kreuzes

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Neu! For those who have asked for a replica German Cross in Gold totally embroidered form, here it is at the old school price of $27.50.   Available backed for Feldgrau, Feldblau or Schwartz wool.  Want it trimmed and machine stitched mounted on another type of cloth?  We have Feldgrau and Schwartz Gaberdine, or you can send your own, $15.

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Juwelier Qualitäte is the best replica on the market.  The German Cross in Gold.  4 rivets at 12, 3, 6 & 9 o'clock position. Number stamped pins.   Beautiful heft and detailing that not only looks but feels razor clean in your hand.  Matched only by original pieces.  Limited availability, price on request.

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Museum Quality, four domed rivets, fluted pin, heavy construction, maker marked.  $110.  Availability is limited, prices vary with supply.

FHQ can age your awards so they blend into your collection for only $5 each.

Wish to have the accompanying document for your German Cross?  $18 completed and aged.