Kriegsmarine War Badge

Made in the USA

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Real gold plate gives each of these medals a beautiful look!  Bi-metal badges are multipiece, rivited, construction for crisp detail! 

Gilded Tunic Eagle & Blockade Runner Badge $15.50

  Submarine War Badge (U-boat Badge) maker marked, Combat Badge for Small Battle Units (the sawfish in rope) in Bronze, Silver or Gold, Submarine Combat Clasp in Bronze or Silver,  Naval Combat Clasp in Bronze or Silver $17.50

 Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge,  High Seas Fleet War Badge,  Destroyer War Badge, Mine Sweeper, Antisubmarine & Escort Vessel War Badge,  Coastal Artillery War Badge, E-Boat I & II Pattern War Badge $19.50

 Award Documents for most these awards

Vintage you awards

Embroidered Small Battle Unit Badges in gold wire, gold, silver and bronze thread while they last $11.50

Kampfabz. der Kleinkampfmittel

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