Kriegsmarine War Badge

Juwelier Qualitäte Reproduktion

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These are the best there are, sold as originals, these are not always available, price floats as Dollar changes value.   Special Order price on request.

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Museum Quality U-boat Badge with Diamonds.  Very nice detail Schwerin, Berlin 68 marked, raised swastika, detailed U-boat, wide pin. $95.

High Quality

Made in the USA

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High Quality Selection

Gilded Tunic Eagle $22.50.   All of FHQ's bi-metal Kriegsmarine War Badges are now done in rivited two piece construction for exceptionally crips detail! Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge $27.50, Submarine War Badge (U-boat Badge), maker marked $22.50,  High Seas Fleet War Badge $27.50,  Destroyer War Badge $27.50, Blockade Runner Badge $22.50, Mine Sweeper, Antisubmarine & Escort Vessel War Badge $27.50, Coastal Artillery War Badge $27.50, E-Boat II Pattern War Badge $27.50,  E-Boat I Pattern War Badge $27.50, Combat Badge for Small Battle Units in Bronze, Silver or Gold $22.50, Submarine Combat Clasp in Bronze or Silver $22.50,   Naval Combat Clasp in Bronze or Silver $22.50

Museum Qualitäte Reproduktions

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First samples of these European made badges.   Show is back of II Pattern S-boat and front of U-Boat Abz.  $55.

Kampfabz. der Kleinkampfmittel

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Embroidered Small Battle Unit Badges in gold wire, gold, silver and bronze thread $27.50

FHQ can provide you with the Award Documents for most these awards

   FHQ can age your medals to enhance their appearence and to blend into your collection for only $5 each.