Für Treue Dienste in der SS

SS Long Service Awards

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Neu! Copied directly from original, 12 or 25 year ribbons $27.50 each. With medal shown below $47.50. 

Made in the USA

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Soldat FHQ is pleased to offer these quality SS Long Service Medals, from L-R are the 4 Year, 8 Year, 12 Year and for example only to show the quality an original 25 Year medal.   The Gold Bullion Embroidered Runic Ribbon is shown separate and the Soldat 25 Year Medal would not be aged unless requested.   What I want you to see is the high relief of the wreath which far outclasses anything else on the market.  All these medals have the same heft to them as do the originals.  At this point only 27 of the 12 and 25 Year medals will be available as that is all the bullion ribbon available.  Don't hesitate, as these are in production now.  4 and 8 Year medals are $27.50 each.  12 and 25 Year Medals are $37.50 each. 

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The reverse of Soldat FHQ's Long Service Medals.

FHQ can provide you with the Award Documents for most these awards - signed by appropriate leaders!

   FHQ can age your medals to enhance their appearance and to blend into your collection for only $5 each.