Ribbon Bars

Made in the USA 

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Email for a quote on your ribbon.

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Example of 'vintaged' bar  

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Feldmarschall Guderian Ribbon Bar

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Sepp Dietrich Ribbon Bars

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Made to Order.  If you have photo of the bar you want, know what you want or need a hand choosing we can get this set up for you!  Soldat FHQ has a top notch artist, family rooted in German military history, who has created a number of his own devices as well as other parts directly from original samples.

Need help identifying a ribbon or device for your list take a look below

Please use the provided numbers and names to order ribbon and device combinations:  Ribbons: 1. IC 1914, 2. IC 1914 Admin., 3. Prussian Read Eagle Order, 4. Olenburg Friedrich August Cross, 5. Bayern Military Service Medal, 6. Bavarian Military Service Order, 7. Hamburg Haseaten Cross, 8. Austrian Order of the Iron Cross, 9. 1914 - 18 Service Medal or "Hindenburg Cross", 10.Spanish Military Service Cross, 11. Spanish Commerative War Cross, 12. Silesian Eagle (Freikorp Poland), 13. Baltic Cross (Friekorps), 14. IC 1939, 15. War Service Cross, 16. War Service Medal, 17. Eagle Order Medal, 18. Social Welfare Medal, 19. Olympic Games Medal, 20. West Wall Medal, 21. German / Italian Afrika Medal, 22. Russian Campaign Medal, 23. Austrian Annexation Medal, 24. Occupation of Czechoslovakia Medal, 25. Memel Medal, 26. Order of the German Eagle and Blood Order, 27 Long Service (all branches), 28. NSDAP Long Service 10 yr III Class, 29. NSDAP Long Service 15 yr II Class,  30. NSDAP 25 yr I Class.  Devices: 1. Swords, small gold, 2. Swords, small bronze, 3.  Swords, large gold, 4. Prague Castle Bar, 5. SS Long Service gold, 6. SS Long Service silver, 7.  Heer or KM Long Service gold, 8. Heer or KM Long Service silver, 9. NSDAP Long Service gold, 10. NSDAP Long Service silver, 11. NSDAP Long Service bronze, 12. 1939 Bar to the 1914 IC II, 13. LW Long Service silver, 14. LW Long Service gold, 15. Police Long Service gold, 16. Police Long Service silver, 17 Imperial Crown & Swords for use on ribbon Nr. 1 & Nr. 5. 

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Did not see a ribbon or device you want?  Ask, please as new ones are available as our ribbon meister creates them.