Award Cases


Some in stock, most special order please check.

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German Cross in Gold or Silver Case  $55   Knight's Cross Case $55

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Here is a neat trick, the Close Combat Bar Case fits the Luftwaffe Flight Clasps like a glove!  $55.  Check to see if we can get this for you!

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Luftwaffe Pilot/Observe Badge Case $55

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Oak Leaves or Oak Leaves and Swords - two compartments.   $55

Iron Cross 1st Class - silver Iron Cross outline on box top, LDO marked.  $55

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Iron Cross 2nd Class - LDO marked with ribbon stays in box top $55

Kriegsmarine Navy Blue w/ Blue Lining - cut for horizontal pin   $55

Spanish Cross - Green box with Maroon interior, LDO marked   $55

Luftwaffe Badge Case Individually  marked: Pilot, Observer, Pilot - Observer, Air Gunner, Flak, or Fallschirmjäger $55

SS 4 / 8 Year Long Service $40

Pour le Merit "Blue Max" $100

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Showing only the embossed section of the top, this is a long case is lined with blue velvet and white satin.  Aged to 90 years $105.

Mother's Cross $70