European Awards

High Quality Selection Made in the USA


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Germanic Proficiency SS Runes Badge in Bronze or Silver $27.50

5th Don Cossacks Cavalry Badge  $27.50

  Frontkjemper (Front Fighter) Norwegian SS Badge  $22.50

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Eastern People's Decoration 1st Class with Swords Bronze, Silver, or Gold $22.50

Young Cossack's Badge - Awarded to the XVth Cossack Cavalry Corps  $22.50

The Tollenaere Commemorative Award - presented to Belgian Volunteers who fought in the action in and around Kopzy in Jan. 1942.  $22.50

Rexist Youth Badge in Bronze  $22.50 (not shown)

Italian Russian Front Badge in Silver  $22.50 (not shown)

Carpathian Volksdeutsch Frw.Abz.  (Carpatian Ethnic German Volunteer Badge) $22.50

Museum Quality Selection

Museum Quality Germanic Proficiency SS Runes Badge in Bronze or Silver  $70 (not shown)