The Iron Cross Series

Awards for Leadership and Valor 1939 Series

Knight's Cross

Juwelier Qualiäte, is the absolute highest quality replica available.  Limited stock, price and availability on request.  

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Museum Quality, beautiful single piece strikes, not cast.  Very crisp with nice weight and feel.  Knight's Cross $85, Oak Leaf Device $27.50, Oak Leaf with Swords Device $27.50.  Check on stock availability, prices base on availability.

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High Quality, detailed single piece cast from originals, with Neusilber plate in  Kight's Cross & Iron Cross

Made in the USA

Knight’s Cross - $37.50,  Oak Leaf device $27.50, Oak Leaf with Swords device $27.50. Grand Cross of the Iron Cross - Awarded to Hermann Göring - $37.50

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Made in the USA

High Quality, single piece detailed cast from originals. Iron Cross 2nd Class $27.50, Iron Cross 1st Class $27.50,   1939 Spange to the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class $27.50, 1939 Spange to the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class attached to ribbon $27.50.  

Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross Presentation Set

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  Check for availability and current price.

Honor Roll Clasps

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Heer , Luftwaffe, or Kriegsmarine  are available $37.50  each. 

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Aged Knight's Cross & Case.  Just like it was when you found it in your uncle's Army foot locker in the attic. Ask about Soldat FHQ's custom aging service.