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Polizei Long Service

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Gold & Neusilber with ribbon $27.50.  Comes with ribbon device (not shown) in matching color. Shown not aged.

Geheime Staatspolizei Warant Disks

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Secret Police Badges of Authority that opened every door in the Reich!  L to R-Office for Security for the City of Danzig, Gestapo Centeral Inspection, and the Gestapo Disk $22.50 each.  Shown aged.  

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Polizei Awards

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The German Police or Polizei were organized like the military.  In some cases entire police units were moved into the Army and the Waffen SS and became combat units.  These badges reflect that paramilitary training.   Shown aged.

Gendarmerie Hochalpine, Polizei Schiführer $27.50

Polizei Berg Führer, Cap Edel with Swastika $22.50

Polizei Embroidered Insignia