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L.J.Elmore lives in Germany and has walked the ground of Europe's battlefields and cities.  Year after year digging details, meeting and getting to know German veterans; putting it all together in this new novel about Markus Voss, and his life as a youth, a soldier, a POW, and German veteran putting his life back together.  Based on composites of real and fictional people, the characters of Return To Honor interact with historical figures as their life stories unfold. 

I love books like this, where as you walk along with the characters you can actually recognize place you have been, you've rounded that corner, climbed that staircase, drove down that road.  L.J. sets a powerful background for a fast action packed read that explores more than combat, it explores growing up in conflict.

Return To Honor is quick to pull the reader in as Markus and the other characters struggle with things we all have faced as we grew up, and more as they encounter point blank that power of modern warfare.  The book weaves relationships slowly to have them changed in seconds by powerful external forces.   Yet through out the story key things hold the characters to course; honor, courage, comradeship, love, and faith prevail but not without cost.

Return to Honor goes to publication next week in Germany, and will be in German and English editions.  Soldat FHQ will be carrying autographed English editions shipped in the USA for $25.