Updated 3.10.06

Armband-Volk LW.jpg (38714 bytes)

Neu! Late Pattern Deutscher Volksturm Wehrmacht & printed Luftwaffe $22.50

Armband DRK Prnt.jpg (32840 bytes)

Printed $22.50

Armband RK Helf.jpg (32013 bytes)

DRK Armband for Nurse's Uniform $27.50

Armband SA bevo.jpg (28440 bytes)

S.A. Bevo Armband $27.50

S.A. Sport Association

Armband SA sport.jpg (31700 bytes)

Neu!  $42.50

Chaplain & Field Bishop

Armband-Chaplin.jpg (21520 bytes)

Neu! $32.50

Soldat FHQ is pleased to present our own production armbands.  Made of high quality material with the high relief, detailed embroidery expected from Abzeichenamt.  These cost a bit more than the normal silkscreen versions, but we think you will agree that they are worth it!

NSDAP Parti Leiter Armelbinden, super detailed, multipiece work on wool with gold bullion and wire.

Armband 1.jpg (88753 bytes)

Top Handstitched $45  13.5 cm tall.  Bottom machine stitched $32.50 11cm tall.  Scan is upside down, sorry!   Just turn you monitor over. CL

NSDAP "Kampfbinde"   The original armband of the party and the SA.

Armband 2.jpg (25728 bytes)

Top 3 piece wool and rayon $27.50.   Bottom 2 piece cotton with printed swastika $17.50


Armband 3.jpg (13443 bytes)

3 piece cotton with printed swastika $17.50


Armband 4.jpg (34905 bytes)

Top 5 piece woolen with sewn swastika $27.50.  Bottom 4 piece cotton with printed swastika $17.50.

abzarmbnd3.jpg (41285 bytes)

Hilfs-Krankenträger or Sanitäts $27.50 each

abzarmbnd1.jpg (39384 bytes)

Full-size 20.5 cm x 11cm size $27.50 each.

abzarmbnd2.jpg (22670 bytes)

Full size 22.5 cm x 11 cm $27.50 each

SS Auxiliary

Armband 5.jpg (32549 bytes)

Top Left SS Auxiliary printed $17.50.  Top Right SS Auxiliary Handstitched $27.50.  Bottom Fördendner Mitglieder or Founding Member of the SS printed $17.50.

Waffen SS Auxiliary

Armband 6.jpg (57855 bytes)

Top Embroidered $27.50.  Center Latin  Bottom Gothic Printed $17.50.

Luftwaffe Legion Condor Spanish Auxiliary

Armband 7.jpg (20997 bytes)

Printed $17.50

If there is an armband you want produced, please contact SOLDAT FHQ.