BEVO Insignia


Waffen SS Bevo Insignia

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Spring and Fall  Cap Eagle & TK sets

W-SS Cap Eagle & TK Sets: Officer, Enlisted, Spring Green, or Fall Tan $12.50

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M43 Cap Trapezoids - Panzer only (black background): Officer, or Enlisted $7.50

Waffen SS Sleeve Eagles: Officer, Enlisted, Spring Green, or Fall Tan  $7.50

Heer Bevo Insignia

See Heer Adler u. Hoheiteszeichen

Heer M36 Cap Set (Eagle and Cockade) on Field Grey $17.50

Heer M36 Cap Sets: Panzer Officer, Panzer Enlisted, Officer, Enlisted, or DAK Enlisted $12.50

Heer Cap Eagle & Cockade T- Combo for M43 or M36 Caps:   Panzer Officer, Panzer Enlisted, or Officer $7.50

Heer "Crusher" Cap Wreath & Cockade / Eagle Set: Panzer Officer, Panzer NCO, Officer, or NCO $12.50

Heer Collar Litzen (Tabs)

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Mounted  and formed no available at this time. Raw $12.50

Nearly any branch color available.  Panzergrenadier nearly matches the wartime "universal" Field Grey on Mouse Gray type.  Sold in pairs.

  Kriegsmarine Bevo Insignia

Cap Eagles Enlisted: Yellow on Blue, Gold on Tan , Yellow on Field Grey, or Blue on White $7.50

Cap Eagles Officer: Gold Wire on Blue or Gold Wire on Tan   $7.50

Cap Cockade on Navy Blue: Enlisted or Officer's  $7.50

Enlisted Breast Eagles: Yellow on Blue, Yellow on Tan, Blue on White $7.50

Luftwaffe Bevo Insignia

Cap Cockades: Officer or Enlisted  $7.50

Breast Eagles: Officer or Enlisted $7.50

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