Heer, Waffen SS, & Luftwaffe Combat & Qualification Badges

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Made in the USA

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Panzer and Infanterie Assault Badges vintaged (L) and mint

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Infantry Assault Badge in Silver or Bronze    Tank Assault Badge in Silver  or Bronze  Tank Assault Badge in Silver or Bonze  25, 50, 75, 100, 200 Engagements     General Assault Badge  .  General Assault Badge 25, 50, 75 or 100 Engagements   Heer Flak Badge    Heer Paratrooper Badge  Heer Close Combat Clasps in Bronze, Silver, or Gold    Anti-Partisan Badge in Bronze, Silver, or Gold    Balloon Observer in Bronze or Silver  

Single piece decorations $15.50  Multi-piece decorations $17.50

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 Sniper Badges may differ slightly in construction from photo

  III Class $35, II Class (Silver) or I Class (Gold) $45

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High Quality Selection

Made in the USA

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Paratrooper Badge,  Pilot’s Badge, Observer’s Badge,  Pilot-Observer’s Badge,  Radio Operator’s Badge,  Air Gunner’s Badge,  Glider Pilot’s Badge,  Pilot's Badge (Early Round Type),  Air Crew Badge (Early Oval Type w/ Horizontal Pin) $17.50

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Airship Badge, German Academy for Aeronautical Research in Bronze (Special order only), Air Sea Rescue, & Glider Pilot's Badge $17.50

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LW Flak Badge,  LW Tank Battle Badge,  Tank Battle Badge for 25, 50, 75, or 100 Engagements.   LW  Ground Assault Badge.   LW Ground Assault Badge for 25 , 50, 75, or 100 Engagements.   LW Ground Close Combat Clasp in Bronze, Silver, or Gold 

Single piece decorations $15.50  Multi piece decorations $17.50

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Luftwaffe Tank Battle Badges in Silver, the first award is lightly aged, the 25 is heavily oxidized, and the 75  is moderately aged.

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