Feldgrau Wool


I have been asked a number of times where one can obtain some Feldgrau wool, but up till now I have been locked in battle finding just enough for my cap maker.   Times have changed and now I can provide you with a nice replica of a mid war Feldgrau.  Perfect for making uniform or cap repairs or take on projects such as sewing your own, lining that display mount, backing some insignia to give it that "scalped"which is great for GI reenactors and those who sell replicas a real at shows or on the net "GI bring back cut from German uniform!" (Yeah, I know what you are doing.)

Feldgrau10001.JPG (247251 bytes)

Our Feldgrau (top), Lost Battalions (bottom left) & Original 43-44 production.

Available in sizes to match your needs:

1 x 1,4 meter $65

50 x 70 cm (1/2 meter) $32.50

25 x 35 cm (1/4 meter) $16.25

20 x 28 cm (1/5 meter) $13

14 x 10 cm (1/10 meter) $6.50 

We will also sell this for use at the Soldat Schneiderei when you have us do your repairs.  Let me know what you need!