Personal items for the Soldat

Kelly's Heroes Gold Bar! 

Goldbar.jpg (13593 bytes)

Looks and feels very right!   Approximately 3 3/4 x 1 5/8 x 1/4 inches.  Only $27.50 per bar!   What EVERY Soldat needs!  Super Allied "liberation" item! 

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Wehrmacht-Packung Scho-ka-kola.  Nicely aged labels for the front and rear of your modern Scko-ka-kola tin.   Repaint & age the tin to match the labels & cover the modern writing,  you'll have a nice in the breadbag banged about period looking candy box you can put either modern Scho-ka-kola in or pieces of other chocolate. Labels $7.50 per set.  They look like they do here, they came off an old tin.   Don't have a tin!   I have a few post war tins (like above) that I have painted and put the labels on.  The label shows age as that is the way it was copied.   The tins are in varous condition with new paint, you can have yours and age it yourself for $27.50 or I'll age it for you for $32.50.  This is a limited supply, when gone that is it.  No candy comes in the tin, I ate it!  Email first on these and confirm!

Paper Package $75

   Get a package of our best selling paper products: The Scho-ka-kola labels, the cigerette boxes, the Holiday Cards, the Panzerfaust sheet, the Post Cards, the Reichsmark set, the Chemical Chart, the Telegram envelope and telegram sheet and the Esbit Kocher Box for one reduced price.  Normally all would be over $100 shipped, package price is $82.50  shipped in the USA.  You do all the cutting and pasting.

Cigs 1.jpg (45684 bytes)

These war period cigarette packs were copied directly from the SOLDAT collection for use on the movie "The Gothic Line." You can produce all three packs with our kit $10 or we can produce three finished boxes for you at $30 (lots of cut, fold and glue).  All you need to do is add your smokes ( filters cut off or use straights.)

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32 Holiday Postcards!   Get your Weihnachts u. Neujahrsgrüße in the mail early!

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Period woodcut, line drawing, print, & photo art from 1939 - 1944. 25 front scenes &7 Heimat scenes.  $35 per set.  

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Doc10.jpg (39028 bytes)

Double sided, triple fold instructions for the Panzerfaust 60M.  $6 each


Get this set of nine postcards, add mail in the field to your impression!

Postcard1.jpg (17255 bytes)

Soldaten with messenger dog.

Hitler breaking ground on a new autobahn.

Postcard2.jpg (14312 bytes)

The Homeland!  What the German Soldier fights for.

A standard post card with imprinted Hitler stamp.

Postcard3.jpg (14452 bytes)

This card has the touching verse of a period soldier tune and show a Soldat with his girl under the city gate.

Standard post office card with imprinted Hitler stamp.

Postcard4.jpg (85286 bytes)

(The whole of Europe is on this card, cut off the south on the scanner. CL)

New Cards!  Feldpost with advancing soldier, Pioniere showing a modern Soldat with a polecharge and an 16th Century Soldat with grenade, & a European Youth Group meet in Wien 1942 ( art work shows a tree with roots in all of Europe and the occupied East.)   Photo coming!

Set of all nine cards $17.50


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Not all bills shown.

New! Three more new bills and now printed on both sides!  High quality color copies of World War II German currency.  One sheet has fronts and backs!  12 bills for only $17.50. All you do is cut, age, and loose ‘em playing Skat!  Includes four pieces of military script!  Script is only one sided as per originals.  You get: 1935 RM100, and war period RM20, two different RM5, RM2, RM1, 50Pf, & 2RM, 1 RM, 10 Pf, 2 different 1 Pf in Military Script.

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Chemical Agent Chart!

I found this one in a gasmask can, but it could just as well have been in the Soldbücher pocket or anywhere else.  $6.00

SOLDAT Telegram!

Tele.jpg (35870 bytes)

Copy of original of a Reichspost Telegram Envelope. Great looking envelope that goes with the blank Reichspost form below.  $6 you cut it out and fold it.   Want us to cut and fold it for you?  $10   The real color of this is not represented, another scanner problem.  The address window is correct, but the body is tan, the lettering red.

Tele 2.jpg (18486 bytes)

Send yourself a telegram.  Copied directly from an original sample. $4

Esbit Cooker Box Set!

Esbit.jpg (13485 bytes)

Copy of a SOLDAT original Esbit Cooker & Fuel Tablet boxes.  Has that field look without falling apart! $7.50   All needed tabs present for construction. 

Soldier Foot Cream Advertisement

cream.jpg (54000 bytes)

Color reproduction of a sales flyer.  Two sided.  $9.50