Soldat Up Front


Pre Deployment Orders Move UP FRONT! 

We have USMC Desert & Forest MARPAT cloth! Let's make your cap!

ACU Berg!

Soldat_Upfront_Kiechler10001_2.JPG (26808 bytes)

Thanks, Top for the cool fotos!  But due to the PC hounds I have cut the face & battle gear to prevent problems for the soldier.

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Ready for Deployment.  ACU Bergmütz!   Your choice of insignia!  Fold down flaps lined with wool or ACU cloth.   Quilted or standard liner.  Full, partial or no sweatband!  Starting at $165

SoldatUpFrontBerg20001.JPG (275835 bytes)

"Got the hat! (Berg shown above) It is excellent and between the workmanship (made in USA) and ACU material I know it will last me for years to come.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future." J.C. LTC US Army

SoldatUpFrontBerg30001.JPG (215496 bytes)

Custom Reinforced eyelets for eyewear strap $15.

ACU Sniper Badge

The German Scharfschützenabzeichen (Sniper's Badge) reproduced by Soldat FHQ as it would be today for use on modern uniforms.  Shown is the first award, we will also have this with silver and gold rings for subsequent awards.   While not authorized for issue by any modern force, it makes a great private award for personnel on active duty or prior service.  Either style of mount oval or rectangle, any grade $30.  

sniper6.JPG (76266 bytes)sniper6a.JPG (56078 bytes)

Watch for other items we add here for platoon, section identification.  Custom work bid on request.