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Not EVERYTHING shown here is still available, times change, but I want you to be able to see replica stuff that I've done for YOUR protection agains FRAUD!  If you see my photos on some random internet site offering my items, buy at your OWN risk as I do not supply anyone anymore!


Updated 4.10.18

Panzer Crusher & JQ Pour le Merit for SALE!  in Collection Sales!  Don't wait!

New Soldat Publications!

New 8.5 x 11 Format!   Full Color!  $17.50 each!

Full Color SOLDAT V-B!  $25!  Bundled with the classic made in Germany Panzerkorps Großdeutschland Volume V for FREE!

See WAREHOUSE SALE Reduced Prices on SOLDAT Books!

Check out the new projects at Soldat Schneiderei!  

SS-FJ Helmet!  Found a photo, from a book, showing use of single decal SS-FJ helmets.  So here you go!  $225!  I can do the same finish and run any FJ helmet through the Soldat Time Machine!

Where Eagles Dare Prop Page Updated

Another cap goes through Cap Resuce Service and then the Soldat Time Machine!

US Army GI Field Gear Set on Collection Sales!

Your Uniform's History Bringing Your Collection To Life!  Soldat FHQ can create a history to go with your uniform display!  Take a look!


Just started to get things back to order here on the website.  Have been unable to get work done here as it was too hard on my old web program and TOO easy on Facebook.  But now back to business, thanks to my buddy Scott!

Let me cover a few bits of Info to save confusion:

NOT EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS STILL AVAILAVBLE TO BUY!  Since Soldat got the blame from many in the collector market for flooding tables with FAKES that according to the experts were destroying that hobby, even though I have published three books on fakes, I am leaving the photos now on the site to help the experts identify replicas.

The Soldat FHQ custom, dead nuts accurate, make one of a kind, just the way you want it done Embroidery Shop is gone, detailed one off work is expensive and is therefore only interesting to those selling the stuff as "100% original."  Since I don't do that, end of that story.    So what I have left is all there is!   Just because you see a pic on the site don't assume it is there or not there as I am leaving the pics up as FAKE Identification. 

Call 406-293-9630 or better yet email fhq@soldat.com

No FAX line, the last one broke so never replaced it.

Online Payment Method

I now take online payment via a well known online payment an outfit known by the initials PP.  As you may know PP is not a pro WWII German Collector site so I am not going to advertise that I use them but my PP address for payment is fhq@soldat.com

Made in the USA - items marked with this logo are made totally or assembled by an American.

Fair Trade Policy - Soldat FHQ is working with business partners to help make a difference in lives by paying a fair living wage for hourly work or value paid for per item.

Giving Back - Soldat gives 10% of profits to community partners as well as volunteer work with community organziations.  

FHQs' Jeweler Quality Embroidery items are made in Europe by a former military serviceman who works out of his home shop. 

Soldat's High Quality Medals are produced in by a disabled American worker out of a one man shop.

Soldat Schneideri is staffed by a tailor here in my community who's years of experience gives you period quality. 

Movie & Theater Support

KB4.JPG (24767 bytes)

Looking for a special vehicle, costume, weapon for your show or production?


S.L.A.P. - Soldat Lay Away Plan

Price Changes & Special Order

Prices.  Everytime I turn around my sources are asking higher prices on many items.  If it is mined, grown, machined or transported the price went up!  I can't even keep up so all prices on the site are subject to change, just ask and I'll let you know what they are. 

Many items are now shown without prices meaning they have become special order items.  Ask about what you want.  As it becomes more about tight inventory directed as specific customer wants more items are going this way.  But the good news is if you want that special item, done just this way, the chances are great you can have it!


Karl Lehmann u. Sohn Mützenfabrik

Lehmann Heer Crusher0006.JPG (749843 bytes)

Heer & Waffen-SS Feldmütz.   

Lehmann Heer Crusher0001.JPG (1030991 bytes)


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!   It is a time for hope & a time to say hello to friends!

32 Holiday Postcards! Get your Weihnachts u. Neujahrs Greetings in the mail!

xmas2.jpg (35241 bytes)

Period woodcut, line drawing, print, & photo art from 1939 - 1944. 25 front scenes &7 Heimat scenes.  $35 per set.  

 Ace Murphy's Motorcycle Wings! 

SOLDAT XI-D is here & ready to ship to you!  Over 400 color photos!   Qualify for a FREE cufftitle with your order, email me


Neu! 1957 Knight's Cross & Iron Cross II Class!  

KKPoster-Hell'sAngels0001.JPG (266534 bytes)

Big Brother & The Holding Company featured Jannis Joplin in this '66 concert in the bay aear.  Promoted by the Angels this is a super copy of a rare poster brought to you by Kustom Kulture! $10!

Tailor_Mark_Manteuffle430001.JPG (54558 bytes)   Flying Tigers_CBIChit0001.JPG (200092 bytes)Abz_trade_Wffnmstr0001.JPG (247477 bytes)

Neu in Soldat Schneideri!   Flying Tigers AVG!    Few trade badges left, not many ask if you need something.

GFBLW0001.JPG (142027 bytes)

No longer available. 

Recreating family history of SS officer!

Emarken_Werner10001.JPG (231889 bytes)

Hitler's Cap found in 1945!  Not!  But a cap rescue project!

Cap_Rescue_Hitler20001.JPG (63185 bytes)

Neu at Schneiderie!

Chris_SSDinner0001.JPG (133930 bytes)


Neu in Collection Sales!   Vintage Lost Battalions Heer & SS items!

Tailor_Mark_PioRock0001.JPG (111898 bytes)

Neu at Soldat Schniederi!

LW_Emb_Badges0001.JPG (162203 bytes)

Here is a sample of Special Order insignia Soldat used to do.  Customers could not find what they wanted so I had the shop make what they wanted to specs.  But that is over now as I can't compete with mass produced copies.

Tailor_Mark_PolRgt0001.JPG (47585 bytes)

Neu uniforms in Soldat Schneiderie!

Information on Products & Services Starts Below

MTS60001_1.JPG (118437 bytes)

My buddy Mike has metal & wood skill, check out these hand made in Montana Classic Campfire Rotisserie Sticks!

Bike_Pins90001.JPG (93215 bytes)abz_jager20001.JPG (92877 bytes)

Neu! LW Close Combat Fantasy & Jaeger Cap Device!

Abz_HGor_RMeagle0001.JPG (319536 bytes)

 Reichsmarschal Eagles $50 per pair

Campaign_Fob20001.JPG (221359 bytes)

Individual Unit Campaign Awards.  Produced & awarded at unit level these are replicas of originals.  $22.50 each or $60 for the set of 3x.  I'm on the lookout for more of these, if you have them please contact me!

Emarken_SchSon0001.JPG (291095 bytes)

Schwarze Sonne 02.jpg (287893 bytes)

"We come in peace!"  SS-Moontrooper ID tags!  The tags are still available, but the embrodiery shop is closed.

Cap_Rescue_JackKM0001.JPG (243881 bytes)

I have 1x of these KM Admiral caps left.  A friend had some made & wants to sell the extras.  Pretty rare cap Reduced from $250  to  $200!

Neu uniforms from the tailor shop

Colesale_DanSShelm0001.JPG (206660 bytes)

Danish SS Double Decal Overpaint.  What kind of helmet are you looking for?

Abz_Son_Spec_Cyco0001.JPG (188122 bytes)

Battons are no longer for sale.

GFBvk10001.JPG (169975 bytes)

Cap_Rescue20001.JPG (170798 bytes)

Mutzenfabrik Cap Rescue Service    Neu Uniforms at Schneiderei!

Ord_Rudel20000001.JPG (268393 bytes)

Tailor_Mark_LWGFP0001.JPG (66794 bytes)Mutz_SS_NCOCav0001.JPG (223006 bytes)

LWGFP uniform & More in Soldat Schneiderei.   SS NCO Cap

Abz_sepp_wide_capeagle0001.JPG (325882 bytes)Pzr_Beret_SS Officer Insignia 0001.JPG (254983 bytes)

Few of these left.

Abz_Son_Spec_NSKKtabs0001.JPG (218827 bytes)

Did these NSKK tabs for a customer to complete family history.   Sorry don't do that anymore.

Colesale_FJHelm60001.JPG (283191 bytes)

Neu! FJ Helm "Normandie" camouflage paint job!

Dedhedz90001.JPG (239748 bytes)

New Dedhedz Tanks 'cause nothin' say livin' the dream in Montana like a club shirt!

GFBIS10001_1.JPG (161213 bytes)

No more batons in stock.

KusKultHelm10001.JPG (191907 bytes)

Oldskool biker helmets!

Erkennungsmarke for a member of the Legion Volontaires Francais

Croatian Legion or HZL Uniform

Colesale_FJHelm50001.JPG (64340 bytes)

FJ Helm with slight age that was shipped to a collector in Italy.


MutzSS_PzrMeyercrsh0001.JPG (241326 bytes)

Just for lookin' at. 

Ord_RKribbontie0001.JPG (316432 bytes)

Neu!  RK Neck Ribbons with Iron Cross Ribbon Tails! 

EconomNeu Luftwaffe Officers Panzer Beret! Neu work from Soldat Schneideri!  Neu Aeronautical Pin!

JQAeroRes0001.JPG (270624 bytes)

JQ pin instock $400!

MutzHeerGabGenOfM430001.JPG (246935 bytes)


PzB_SSPzr0001.JPG (210532 bytes)

No longer available.

Neu! 1957 De-Nazified Decorations!

Ord_derstahlhelm10001.JPG (318439 bytes)

Der Stahlhelm!  Neu Biker Pins!

Where Eagles Dare!

Eagles_Dare.jpg (15998 bytes)

Cap and E-Marken! 

Abz_Gestapodisk10001.JPG (100534 bytes)

Neu!   Gestapo Warrant Disk stamped from brass or nickel $27.50

Feldgrau10001.JPG (247251 bytes)

Feldgrau fabric for sale!

Abz_GCGEmb10001.JPG (215594 bytes)

Abz_Kreta_10001.JPG (393908 bytes)

Nice?  No longer available, one off detail is expensive and this has become a market driven by mass produced rubbish that is sold cheap.

Goldbar.jpg (13593 bytes)

Kelly's Heros Gold Bars! 

New in Collection Sales!

Colesale_FJHelm10001.JPG (205956 bytes)


Soldat Custom Aging Service

Flyingtigers_AVG_Pin40001.JPG (263826 bytes)

New AVG Items!  

Neu examples of Soldat SchneidereiEmarken!  See one of our ACU Bergs in Afghanistan

Custom Key Rings!   Hand Made In Montana!  Great Gift Item!

Key_Ring10001.JPG (316209 bytes)

Neu Heer u. Waffen SS M43s!

MutzHeerGabOfM4310001.JPG (220273 bytes)

Soldat Up Front  ACU Bergmutz!

SoldatUpFrontBerg0001.JPG (247452 bytes)

Return To Honor a novel by LJ Elmore. Instock Now!

Honor cover 002.jpg (2430770 bytes)

MutzHeerHelferin0001.JPG (112811 bytes)MutzDRKschirm0001.JPG (139758 bytes)MutzSSKLSeppGabCrsh0001.JPG (111953 bytes)

abz_SS_CapTKEagle0001.JPG (191281 bytes)Abz_DRKCapEagle0001.JPG (197937 bytes)abz_HeerGebOffSlvEdel0001.JPG (65372 bytes)

Caps from the past and no longer available embroidery.


allied wings40001.JPG (33656 bytes)ord trad bdgs10001.JPG (65224 bytes)

New US Pins!   Neu Commorative Pin!

MutzHeerBergGabOff0001.JPG (134884 bytes)MutzSSKLGabCrshInf0001.JPG (117718 bytes)

Juwelier Quality Medals!

Juw_Onsale10001.JPG (54333 bytes)Juw_Onsale20001.JPG (58274 bytes)Juw_Onsale30001.JPG (57214 bytes)

Juwelier Quality Medals On Demand Order Only, contact me for details.

Emarken0001.JPG (152971 bytes)Emarkenpouch0001.JPG (156639 bytes)

Erkennungsmarken, Soldbucher u. Neck Pouches

Sonder_Rev Eagles0001.JPG (197939 bytes)

Post Hitler Heer Eagles a few of these left.

Mutzheeer_schirmKLinf0001.JPG (135649 bytes)


Tailor_Glenn_SSoff0001.JPG (46391 bytes)Tailor_Ronning_FlyingTiger0001.JPG (49375 bytes)

New samples in Soldat Schneideri!

Neu Emarken photos! , New Allied &US Wings & Pins!, New Biker Pins!, Neu at Soldat Schneideri! Soldbucher Completion Service is BACK!

Colesale_A-SSHelm20001.JPG (89846 bytes)Colesale_SSHelm0001.JPG (113950 bytes)

Just like it is right out of Gramp's duffle bag, near mint condition! Double Decal LSSAH Parade helmet!

Right out of the footlocker in the attic, single decal Waffen SS M40.

MQ_Uboatbrillabz0001.JPG (121220 bytes)

MutzKM_Pins20001.JPG (102620 bytes)

At last new aluminum, hand made anbord U96 cap badges! $30

Flying Tigers  A.V.G.


Abz_Overrun10001.JPG (140276 bytes)

Few women's items remaining in stock.

Abz_4Kav0001.JPG (178572 bytes)

Neu!  Just in 4.Kav. Divison late war sleeve patch! $22.50  Few of these left.

abz_Heercamoins0001.JPG (166066 bytes)

I have a load of these printed camo sleeve ranks!  Happy to make a unit or bulk level deal!

Paradebar30001.JPG (198070 bytes)

Ribbon Bars check out the photo! Made in the USA

bevoCC.jpg (70345 bytes)

New selection of woven style cufftitles each $27.50

Biker Pi s 3.jpg (19692 bytes)

New Tradition / Biker pins! 

US Pin 1.jpg (78474 bytes)

New US Military Commorative Pins! Vietnam PBR, USMC Bulldog, USN Special Warfare, USN PT $17.50 each!

Soldat Schneiderei

Tailor_Gen.jpg (47779 bytes)

Let Soldat FHQ set up your uniform!

ord Cross ribbon tie.jpg (17169 bytes)

Period neck ties for Knight's Crosses or any award worn at the throat  $25.

Abz Frontsis pin.jpg (24384 bytes)

Close out!  Get them before they are history!  I have the last Norwegian Front Sister Pins.   Beautiful heavy metal work of these very rare badges.  $20  Great present for any female reenactor or Norwegian military collector!   Email for a volume price on all left in stock!

Mutz_cap_sale.jpg (143219 bytes) 

Erich Hartmann crusher cap replica! Waffen SS Officer Cap!

How Do I Make A Soldat Order?


Soldat Gift Certificates!