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2021 Soldat FHQ's 25th year of on-line sales!

SS-Honor Dagger just back from a trip in the Time Machine!

TeNO Projects where tailor used all original insignia!  Soldat FHQ now offers those 'hen's teeth' rare TeNO in replica form at $7.50 each!

Another bit of magic at Cap Rescue Service

US Army M43 Field Jacket

Happy Cap Rescue Service


Neu!  Full Color 8.5 x 11 Inch Fomat Soldat Books!


Check out the newest Volumes of Soldat! 

1st Client Project of 2021 finished on New Year's Day!  Set of German made Erel Caps with light run through the Time Machine along with Soldat's coated visior application.

'Best $75 I ever spent!'  Happy Cap Rescue Service Customer.

Take a look at more of the new Heeresverwaultung Uniforms Soldat Just Finished!

Reichsmarschall Hermann G÷ring's Baton!  $875! 

Neu!  Great bring back items from old Montana collection!  More will be added so keep coming back!

See new photos of finished Erel caps!

Neu!  Daggers! Medals! Helmet! Personal Items!

11.12. 19 Neu German Uniform Projects!

Scroll Down to find out what is new!  Keep on top of what is happening at Soldat FHQ!

ARVN 17th Armored Battalion CVC Painted & Through 'The Time Machine'.  Soldat can help you with your Vietnam collection!

ORIGINAL SS & RLB Dagger in Collection Sales!

Take a look at what Soldat Restoration Services Just Finished!

Officer on the cover of Soldat Volume XIII-B Tier Kameraden identified! 

Family member & book buyer contacted Soldat!

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Soldat FHQ Collection Sales

German Military Items


British & Commonwealth Military Items

US Military Items


New SOLDAT Publications!

New 8.5 x 11 Format!   Full Color!  $17.50 each!


Full Color SOLDAT V-B!  $25!  Bundled with the classic made in Germany Panzerkorps Gro▀deutschland Volume V for FREE!

See WAREHOUSE SALE Reduced Prices on SOLDAT Books!

Check out the new projects at Uniform Completion Service  

SS-FJ Helmet!  Found a photo, from a book, showing use of single decal SS-FJ helmets.  So here you go!    I can do the same finish and run any FJ helmet through Soldat Time Machine!

Where Eagles Dare Prop Page Updated

US Army GI Field Gear Set on Collection Sales!

Your Uniform's History Bringing Your Collection To Life!  Create a history to go with your uniform display!  Take a look!


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Soldat fotofunny!  There I am as general officer (hehehe) in front of the Kube on a photo shoot in down in Billings, MT in the 90s.  Just after this a cop showed up.  He wasn't worried about the Mp40 my buddy had, we were trespassing on building demo site!


32 Holiday Postcards! Get your Weihnachts u. Neujahrs Greetings in the mail!

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Period woodcut, line drawing, print, & photo art from 1939 - 1944. 25 front scenes &7 Heimat scenes.  $35 per set.  

 SOLDAT XI-D is here & ready to ship to you!  Over 400 color photos!  

1957 Knight's Cross & Iron Cross II Class!  

KKPoster-Hell'sAngels0001.JPG (266534 bytes)

Big Brother & The Holding Company featured Jannis Joplin in this '66 concert in the bay aear.  Promoted by the Angels this is a super copy of a rare poster brought to you by Kustom Kulture! $10!

Emarken_Werner10001.JPG (231889 bytes)

Recreating family history of SS officer!

Cap_Rescue_Hitler20001.JPG (63185 bytes)

Hitler's Cap found in 1945!  Not!  But a cap rescue project!

Campaign_Fob20001.JPG (221359 bytes)

Individual Unit Campaign Awards.  Produced & awarded at unit level these are replicas of originals.  $12.50 each or $30 for the set of 3x.  I'm on the lookout for more of these, if you have them please contact me!

Emarken_SchSon0001.JPG (291095 bytes)

"We come in peace!"  SS-Moontrooper ID tags! 

Colesale_DanSShelm0001.JPG (206660 bytes)

Danish SS Double Decal Overpaint.  What kind of helmet are you looking for?

Cap_Rescue20001.JPG (170798 bytes)

Cap Rescue Service

Ord_RKribbontie0001.JPG (316432 bytes)

Neu!  RK Neck Ribbons with Iron Cross Ribbon Tails!  800 proof mark now available!

 Where Eagles Dare!

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Cap and E-Marken! 

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