Your Order From Soldat FHQ

Communiciton with Soldat FHQ

Phone - Call 406-293-9630, usually 9 - 5 Mountain Time will find me here Monday - Friday. 



Nearly everyone now has a Pay Pal account so I use that as my online payment method.  My pay pal is the same as my email:

  I also am happy to take Money Order, Bank Check, or Cash-Only in US Dollars.  No personal checks.

Send to: Cyrus Lee, 343 Rustic Ave.  Libby, Montana 59923 USA. 

Shipping Charges in the USA

I ship with USPS Priority Mail.   Most medals, books and things that fit into a standard flat rate envelope will go for just $7.   For a cap it's around $15 to $25 depending on the box I have to use.  For tunics or other larger stuff $20 to $30. *

I have great success with running the post cost through my Pay Pal and then letting you know the cost and you send that to my account, and away we go.

 Priority Mail gives you $50 insurance with any purchase and I always do that on every package unless the value of my work and your payment is more.  Then I want to insure for what you paid.  So I will do that and it will be in the total for the post.  If I am working on your original or expensive items you need to tell me what to insure for so I can do what you want with that to keep us both covered! 

*Postal rates go up each year so will advise on changes. 


How Long Will My Order Take?

  Soldat FHQ does mostly custom work so it takes time to finish orders, most times I will be able to give you a solid time frame and I will NEVER tell you I can deliver by a set date if it is not looking possible, I'd rather not do your job then to have you think I can do something I can't do.  I have had artists do this to me and I know the frustration.*  In stock items such as books, medals often ship the next day.  I'll keep you up to date on the status of your order progress and will send tracking to your email as it ships.  You can always communicate with me on the email or phone.

*No longer contracted.

Return Policy

No returns or cancellations on anything custom or special ordered as I can't return it to the source. 

No returns on items run through the Time Machine unless that has already been done before you purchase.  For example if you order a medal and add Time Machine to it, it is yours.  If you order a medal that I am ordering as run through the Time Machine then you can send it back.

. We offer a 3 day inspection with no questions asked return on stock items.  After that we will work with you on  a case by case basis.  We are the final word on if an item has been altered or damaged and reserve the privilege to say no to your return.

If SOLDAT FHQ can help you in any way, please ask.  While something is not listed, we probably have access to what you want - please ask!