ID Disks & Identity Books

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The E-Marken above was done as part of a family history recreation of a Waffen-SS officer.

I just opened the package and I am speechless! Thank you so much! The erkennungsmarken are SUPERB! You are a true asset to the historical community. I look forward to future business.  All the best Iain

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Standard Heer or Waffen-SS or aluminum Luftwaffe or Panzer Erkennungsmarken stamped to your specifications $35.  I am nearly out of KM tags of all types, these will not be reproduced, again $45 each

If you need help determining what you want or need on your Erkennungsmark, just ask FHQ

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"GREAT work!"   From a GRATEFUL collector, Bruno (FR).

Identity Book or SoldbŁucher

Completion services available-I will fill out Pages 1 u. 2 using generic Feldpost stamp for $25.  This includes putting in a photo YOU supply with your blank Bucher.  If you need a Bucher add $25.  If you want this run through the time machine, which really ads to the look $10 more.    This gives you a basic Soldbuch that will look good opened for display get you through document checks for reenactments. 

I DO NOT have KM bucher.  I have made them in the past out of Heer Bucher but would have to work that up again, not cheap but well what options do you have.  No photos Requires me to make a new cover, reface some existing pages and add a few pages.  This has to be vintaged to camouflage some of the work.  $75

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I no longer have any stamps but generic Dienststelle.   Soldbucher Cover add $10