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Shown below are samples of work done by Soldat in the past.  These are here as Soldat's continued battle against 'Fake Mongers' who rip of collectors.   Soldat NEVER created any replica for the purpose selling as original.   Read below at what IS now being offered, but do check via email.

Erkennungsmarke u. Soldbücher der SOLDAT FHQ

Emarken_PzAA30001.JPG (200966 bytes)Emarken_Werner10001.JPG (231889 bytes)

On the left a sample of a "package" of Soldbucher & Emarken.   Right is part of a family history recreation of a Waffen SS officer.

Emarken_LWGFP0001.JPG (295727 bytes)

Emarken_Sale10001.JPG (259778 bytes)

Emarken_Sale20001.JPG (185032 bytes)


Emarken_Mark20001_1.JPG (238480 bytes)

Two specials center top for a boat captain who fishes the Bearing Sea bottom & AVG.

Emarken0001.JPG (152971 bytes)


Completion Services

What I can provide as of 10.10.18

I will fill out Pages 1 u. 2 using generic Feldpost stamp for $25.  This includes putting in a photo YOU supply with your blank Bucher.  If you need a Bucher add $25.  If you want this run through the time machine, which really ads to the look $10 more. 

  This gives you a basic Soldbuch that will get you through any check for an event. 

I DO NOT have KM bucher.  I have made them in the past out of Heer Bucher but would have to work that up again, not cheap but well what options do you have. 

Soldbucher_feldpost10001.JPG (201953 bytes)Soldbucher_feldpost20001.JPG (78745 bytes)

Erkennungsmarken - $35 (only standard Heer, LW or W-SS tag) when ordered with your Bucher!  Saves you $10!

Blank Soldbucher $25

soldbucher5.jpg (26501 bytes)

Sorry, no more KM bucher.

Soldbuch1.jpg (30099 bytes)

Sorry, no Fraktur SS Soldbucher at this time.

Soldbuch1a.jpg (27122 bytes)


soldbucher3.jpg (12455 bytes)soldbucher2.jpg (25375 bytes)

Soldbucher Covers

soldbucher 4.jpg (22115 bytes)


I now have to get standard u. alu tags from a secondary source, not worth making my own anymore. $45 on their own.  I am nearly out of KM tags of all types and when gone that is that. Email for prices on these as they get more spendy as stock gets smaller.  Now (10.10.18) Brass and Goldlox are $50 each.  These will not be made again.

emarken_Bruno0001.JPG (106149 bytes)

"GREAT work!"   From a GRATEFUL collector, Bruno (FR).

I have done lots of tags, but never have I put any up for you to see. Since these are copies of originals I thought I'd at least put up a "fake" alert so you can see what can be done.  These were done for a collector in France.  He's pleased and sending us another to copy.  Let me know if you need any tags made.  Regards Cyrus

  Emarken_Mark10001.JPG (46930 bytes)Emarken_Mark20001.JPG (51977 bytes)

SOLDAT FHQ can provide you with Erkennungsmarken of your choice.  If you need help determining what you want or need on your Erkennungsmark, just ask FHQ

Erkennungsmarken Neck Pouch

Emarkenpouch0001.JPG (156639 bytes)