Individual Uniform History

You've got the Bluse, the Stahlhelm, and all the rest set up in a display. You've done some research, you know the basics; but you want a more historical background.  Most of the uniforms Soldat FHQ works on represent either specific soldiers or units with interesting back stories.   I'm often asked to research the project, to nail down the presentation to specific time or place.   I often uncover all kinds of details that can zero in on the uniform giving the collector way more connection with what is being displayed and with it's history. 

As published author of the SOLDAT book series I've got the proven ability and the deep historical pockets taking me back to encounters with veterans in the 1960s in the US and from the late 1970s to mid 1990s in Europe.  Soldat FHQ's office shelves are loaded with research books. I have historical references pertinent to WWII dating prior to the beginning of the conflict.  Then there is the internet, a place I have become a master of navigating rabbit-holes that lead to unbelieveable discoveries!  I love story.  I have a passion to not let the individual history disapear.  

Some uniform's beg to have books done on them, others exhaust me doing hours of research resulting in only a page, work on starts at $25.

Here is a sample of a history that I did for a customer