Your Uniform's History

Bringing Your Collection To Life

updated 15.7.16

You've got the Bluse, the Stahlhelm and all the rest set up in a display. You've done some research and you know the basics about what you've got but you want a little more historical punch!   Most of the uniforms that I work on for customers at Soldat FHQ represent either specific soldiers or units and I am often asked to complete the research coming up with the most accurate historical replica possible.  During this research I often uncover all kinds of details that can zero in on the uniform giving the collector more connection with what he is displaying and with it's history. 

As published author of the SOLDAT series I've got the proven ability and the deep historical pockets taking me back to encounters with veterans in the 1960s in the US and to the 1970s in Europe.  At Soldat FHQ I have historical references pertinent to WWII dating prior to the beginning of the conflict.  Then there is the internet where the search of rabbit-holes in to uncharted territory lead to unbelieveable discoveries!  I love story and I have a passion to not let the individual history go.  With Your Uniform's History I bring all of this into your service!

Here is a scan of a history that I did for a customer


I based this "history" on the uniform components.  There is no intent on my part create a fabrication that a replica is original, far from it I am the first to identify any person trying to use my work for ill gotten gain.  The entire original reason for creating Soldat FHQ was to provide regular guys, with regular jobs and families, the opportunity to collect a few desires of their hearts that they could look at and share with like minded friends without breaking the family budget or worse without getting screwed by some fake-monger selling forgeries to line his pockets.  About 20 years into the venture it has worked out well for all.  With Your Uniform's History you get more detail and if you wish, you can suspend reality for a bit as you drift with your collection back in time.

This work contains photos of the cap and pea coat which I took when finished putting it together for the customer.  I also provide histories that contain photos of like historical uniform's that support your item in the display.  Each work is customized to your display and to you.

Some uniform's beg to have books done on them and others exhaust me doing hours of research resulting in only a page.  Work on Your Uniform's History starts at $25.  Since most guys wish unfolded sheets I ship priority mail in the USA which is $7.   If I can email you the file in a Publisher document and you can print it then there is no shipping fee at all!

Let me know if I can help you bring your collection to life with Your Uniform's History from Soldat FHQ!